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How to Scale Tech-Touch Customer Success In A Way That Drives Impact

Customer success has more demands on it than ever. Catalyst’s new Playbook Sequencing will help you scale efficiently, without sacrificing quality.
Alex Wentzell
November 30, 2022

Everything in customer success is changing. That’s a good thing—it’s a sign of maturity in our industry. And, most changes have been more opportunistic than anything. Customer success emerges as the hero to bring companies out of a down market. However, in the wise words of Stan Lee: with great power comes great responsibility.

Under the pressure of burning questions

The spotlight on CS has certainly increased the pressure to perform, all while experiencing budget cuts across technology, headcount and innovation. And this has led to the big, burning industry-wide dilemma today: How do you do more with less? This challenging statement manifests in many ways across the CS business, including:

  • How do you keep your customers with less headcount to support them? 
  • How do you expand customers without using or purchasing a new sales tool? 
  • How do you scale customer experiences without sacrificing quality?
  • How do you stay on top of a customer’s every move in such an unpredictable market?
  • How do you build value with less, while customers seek to cut costs?

To empower our customers in the face of this challenge, Catalyst’s Product and Engineering teams committed to building powerful tech-touch workflows that scale your CS best practices automatically—helping leaders drive efficiency across their team to reduce costs while expanding performance excellence. And we’re thrilled to release to our customers, and to the market, the most intuitive and scalable tech-touch automation with Catalyst Playbook Sequencing

It’s time to automate more so you can be more human

We know it’s critical to bring retention-driven CS flows and revenue-focused automations together. Combined, these two forces create a supercharged platform for customer success. And that’s exactly what we set out to build in our Playbook Sequencing automation. Catalyst’s advanced tech-touch automations will accelerate your engagements with low-touch accounts and strengthen winning behaviors with enterprise customers. You can create in-depth, dynamic Playbook paths based on a customer’s unique profile to deliver personalized experiences that target specific outcomes. Plus, using advanced logic, Sequences will further customize your Playbook engagements based on changes to a customer’s data and/or behavior–automatically. 

As a result, you save time managing customers and drive faster results, without requiring additional resources. 

In particular, here are five reasons why Catalyst’s new Playbook Sequencing will uplevel your strategy: it helps you automate touchpoints, amplify performance, make CSMs more efficient, drive operational savings, and enable more seamless change management. 

Finally, don’t forget that in tandem with Catalyst’s market-leading Journey Builder, you can manage the entire customer journey with absolute precision – all within a single platform – to truly do more with less.

Here’s what customers are already saying

“Playbook sequencing is gorgeous! What’s amazing is that the Catalyst team thought just as much about ease of use and intuitive design as they did about delivering truly impactful features. The care that they put into the exit override, re-entry, and pause/enable/disable rules demonstrates just how much Catalyst is in touch with the needs of their customers.” 

Sr. CX Operations Analyst, Higher Logic

“Playbook sequencing allows us to more accurately prompt our CSMs to take action along the customer journey at the time that it is relevant for the customer. The new feature was easy to implement and makes playbook mapping much more user friendly.”

Lead, Customer Success Strategy & Operations, Airtable

How you can drive faster impact with less resources

In today’s economy, customers are a business’ #1 asset. Retaining and growing your customers has never been more important, and CS is at the center of achieving this. We’re thrilled to empower CS leaders with the ability to scale exceptional experiences that deliver success and build advocacy across these critical milestones, and more.

  • Implementation: Kick off new customer engagements with the proper support and guidance to configure your products according to the customer’s specific use cases.
  • Onboarding: Welcome new users to your platform, customized to their specific persona, with a cadence of communications that drive adoption from day one.
  • Adoption: Automatically engage customers when there is a drop in usage to check in, re-engage and support adoption. In addition, provide guidance to the CSM to investigate changes tailored to the customer’s market segment, product line, usage, and more.  
  • Renewal: Automate your best practice renewal workflow by segment, product line, and more; to prepare for and ensure a successful renewal across your customer base.
  • Expansion: Proactively engage customers when usage has increased to efficiently grow expansion opportunities.
  • At Risk: Kick off at risk motions tailored to a customer’s segment, if usage data or other indicators of risk appear outside of their renewal engagement.
  • Product Notification: Notify customers of new versions or changes to the product that impact their workflows. 
  • The possibilities don’t end here! There are many more use cases depending on your requirements. 

Seamlessly setup your Playbook Sequences within minutes, with the flexibility to iterate overtime post-launch. Contact our team today to learn more about how you can quickly scale your impact with our intuitive and robust tech-touch workflows.

See how this new feature operates HERE

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