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Catalyst will guide you through building the most impactful workflows possible, empowering everyone at your company to take a precise, data-driven, customer-centric approach to increasing retention, upsells, and ultimately NRR.

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Customer Success

Increase retention and growth, confident that your workflows have been validated against what other Catalyst customers have found to be most effective in delivering great customer experiences at scale.

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Catalyst solution product


Efficiently parse your customer data to understand and identify the biggest product gaps. Partner with your CS team and Catalyst to track the right inputs and build the right views to answer your most pressing questions.

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Catalyst Solutions Sales


Keep tabs on everything happening within your customer base, drive account growth, and gain predictability and accuracy in your revenue forecasting, all with one easy, intuitive platform.

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Customer Success


Spend less time on platform maintenance and more on proactive growth. See how Catalyst’s CSM tools streamline and scale teams' operations.

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Catalyst Solutions Sales


Get a real-time view into your healthiest customers to request references and learn about customer wins that you can share to help close deals. Read on how to work closely with your CS partners and Catalyst to define the level of detail you need to take action on new and expansion opportunities.

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There are three key items our team loves about Catalyst - the product is easy to use, the Catalyst support and CS teams are great and it has made a massive difference in understanding the health of clients. Highly recommend using Catalyst for your team! We are nothing but thrilled with our experience thus far and look forward to the expansion of the tool.

Sy Pendergast

Director of Customer Success, Goldcast
client success platform
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