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Revenue Insights and Customer Health

Whether you need to solve a problem, create a strategy, or report on customer data, Catalyst quickly and easily empowers you to keep tabs on the health of your customer base, drive account growth, and forecast revenue.

Customer Health

With Catalyst, you can get an instant snapshot of the health of your entire customer base, or double-click into specific segments you want to take a closer look at. You can also get real-time insights into account health, product usage, customer advocacy, and a host of other insights, all through fully customized executive dashboards.

Executive Dashboards

Build powerful custom dashboards that bring together data from various tools to get you the information you need to take strategic action. Uncover leading indicators to help you stop churn, drive powerful revenue growth, and scale your business efficiently.

Success Stories

Whether you’re preparing for a presentation, a board meeting, or a company-wide all hands, with Catalyst, you can easily see your customers’ biggest success stories in the platform. You can even have them pushed automatically to a dedicated Slack channel to celebrate every day across your organization.


We actually tried two CSPs in the two years before signing Catalyst. Upon first login, we found Catalyst surprisingly easy to configure and very intuitive. So much so that our CS Leadership team elected to proactively build within Catalyst. It’s provided an amazing level of agility to the team as we look to continuously iterate and learn.

Chaz Logue

Former Manager, Revenue Operations
client success platform
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