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Create standardized processes and workflows to scale while delivering an incredible customer experience. See Catalyst’s CSM tools in action.
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Purpose-Built Workflow Tools

Catalyst makes it incredibly simple to build templates to standardize processes across your team. You can also design note templates that capture critical customer information, create layouts that clearly display the most relevant information, and build out playbooks that drive meaningful outcomes.

Leverage Email Automation

Catalyst’s email automation functionality allows you to dramatically increase your customer outreach velocity without losing quality. By creating emails that are personalized with contextualized account data points, you can deepen your customer relationships at scale.

Get Accurate, Real-Time Reporting

In order to scale successfully, you need to be able to quickly segment your customers and analyze critical data points to inform your decision-making. Thanks to Catalyst’s speed, dynamic design, and powerful integrations, getting the data you need has never been easier.

We have been using Catalyst for many years now, and the platform has evolved with us as we’ve grown, helping to standardize our processes globally.

Bridget Barrot

VP of Customer Success, Chainalysis

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