Catalyst Dust


Powerful Tech-Touch Automation

Scale and amplify your customer success function effortlessly with Playbooks that automate alerts, assign tasks, and deliver personalized engagements at critical moments for any motion from tech-touch to high-touch.

Supercharged Data-Driven Workflows

Experience advanced Playbook sequencing that streamlines your operations and accelerates results; with dynamic, automated workflows tailored to a customer’s industry, size, product line, and more.

Maximize Efficiency and Performance

Maximize your team’s efficiency and output with intelligent, multi-step workflows that customize actions based on changes to a customer’s unique data and/or behavior – automatically.

Accelerate Personalization at Scale

With robust, automated Playbook emails; accelerate engagements with low-touch accounts and drive winning behaviors with enterprise customers. From customer onboarding to expansion, scale your ability to deepen relations without sacrificing quality.


Love the flexibility in creating custom reports, configuring dashboards, and overall intuitive enough to manage without a ton of operational overhead. As a CS leader, Catalyst gives me really valuable insight into the work our CSMs are doing with our customers. Having the ability to easily create templates and playbooks, as well as custom bulk email outreaches is a game changer.

Andres Morinigo

Director of Client Success
client success platform
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