Powerful Tech-Touch Automation

Scale your customer success function effortlessly with playbooks that automate alerts, assign tasks, and trigger emails at critical moments for any motion from tech-touch to high-touch.
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Automated Playbooks

Using Catalyst’s easy playbook builder, you can develop a series of guided next steps for those crucial scenarios that pop up throughout the customer journey that can easily be addressed with a repeatable motion.

Email Automation

Deepen your customer relationships by delivering the right, hyper-personalized messages at the right time to either address risk early or celebrate wins promptly.

Customizable Alerts

Create custom alerts for your team to drive awareness, generate tasks, and recommend actions in real time. These will help you mitigate churn risks, open or accelerate expansion opportunities, set renewals in motion and much more.

As a CS leader, Catalyst gives me really valuable insight into the work our CSMs are doing with our customers. Having the ability to easily create templates and playbooks, as well as custom bulk email outreaches is a game changer.

Andres Morinigo

Director of Client Success, OpenAsset

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