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Predict & Prevent Churn Risks Effectively

Predict and prevent churn risks effectively and know what to do to regain customers’ health. See Catalyst’s churn management software demo.
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See Accurate, Real-Time Customer Health

Catalyst’s weighted health scores can be quickly and easily created and customized by any administrator. You can include inputs across all aspects of your customer relationships, and even allow for specific overrides in unique circumstances to ensure accuracy. When accounts start showing signs of risk, CSMs can quickly be prompted in real time to take action.

The Right Information Every Time

Build playbooks to scale effective strategies across your Customer Success team for dealing with at-risk customers. Note templates guide CSMs through the process and record critical information that you can use to determine the best course of action.

Collaborate Cross-Functionally on At-Risk Accounts

Integrate Catalyst with Slack to collaborate on escalations with cross-functional partners. Push context-rich notes from Catalyst into a Slack channel that includes key team members who can then collaborate on the best path forward. No need to plan separate meetings to catch everyone up, nor copy and paste notes and data points back and forth.

Now, we’re able to objectively pinpoint every customer’s current stage so we can more effectively guide them to the next. Each CSM on the team is able to drive more prescriptive conversations and actions while leadership has better visibility into the speed-to-value we’re driving for our customers.

Nick Hokanson

Manager, Customer Success, Zenput

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