The #1 Platform to Drive Growth Through Your Customers

Retain and expand your customers at scale with the power of Catalyst + Totango. With our combined platforms, we help you drive customer growth and:

  • Predict & proactively prevent churn
  • Accelerate renewals & uncover expansion opportunities
  • Create scalable programs tailored for each stage of the customer journey

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Catalyst’s Customer Success Platform

Full platform access included in all plans

Custom Dashboards

Easy-to-use and easy-to-build reporting functionality allows any team member to develop completely customized dashboards without needing admin support.

Health Insights

Powerful, weighted health scores that are easy to set up, adjust, and understand give you the ability to standardize workflows to increase net revenue retention.

Journey Builder

Accelerate your customers through the ideal journey and create frictionless customer experiences across every segment, from SMB to Enterprise.

Email Automation

Automatically deploy strategic customer outreach with the right materials at the right time. This will allow your team to easily deepen relationships with their customers when key milestones are reached or actions are taken.


Standardize and scale your most effective CS practices by automatically triggering repeatable plays that ensure the right actions are taken at the right time.

Workflow Tools

Improve data accuracy and increase efficiency with Catalyst’s powerful notes, tasks, and collaboration features. Get seamless cross-functional visibility through a Slack integration and real time bi-directional sync with Salesforce.

Account Layouts

Consolidate key customer insights with data from every available source. This provides your team with a customizable, singular view that gives them all the information they need–all in one place.

Customer Segmentation

See your customer information exactly how you want to see it, along with data insights that will help you make the right decisions to increase your net revenue retention.

Customer Activity Tracking

You can easily view crucial adoption metrics and customer activity data within Catalyst. This prevents the need to log into multiple tools to get a full picture of your customers.


Prior to Catalyst, reporting across our account base to drive decision-making was cumbersome and took a considerable amount of time to maintain. With Catalyst’s intuitive UI and flexible reporting capabilities, anyone within our organization is now able to segment our customers based on any criteria they desire and can be updated on the fly. When discussing at-risk accounts and upsell opportunities in a meeting -- a segment on Catalyst is being referenced.

Tyler Dubin

Manager, Customer Success, Domino Data Labs
Tyler Bubin
client success platform
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