Catalyst Dust

Health Insights

Accurate and Actionable Health Insights

Get comprehensive and customizable customer health functionality that gives you the ability to build health scores you can trust, action, and easily iterate on.

Empower your GTM team with Health Scores in SFDC

Don’t tackle customer health alone. Unify GTM teams health insights from Catalyst to Salesforce. Break down silos and strengthen collaboration to maximize customer health at every touchpoint for expansion plays, adoption programs, renewals, and more.

Intuitive Configuration

Set up powerful, weighted health scores across your book of business that update in real time, can be easily iterated upon as you scale, and can be customized by customer profile.

Prescriptive Actions

Catalyst’s crystal clear health panel helps your team understand immediately which actions to prioritize to mitigate potential risks. This allows your team to spend less time on analysis and more time taking action.


The Salesforce integration was shockingly easy compared to what I’ve experienced in the past across SaaS solutions, not just CSPs. I had slotted an entire afternoon assuming I would need it for the setup. But we had data flowing within 20 minutes.

Scott Dzialo

VP Customer Success
client success platform
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