Catalyst Dust

Product Usage

Intuitive Analytics for Non-Technical Users

See your customer activity data quickly and easily, and use it to power reports, health scores, playbooks and more–all without needing any technical knowledge.

One-Click Integrations

Authenticate with your data platforms within minutes, so you can ensure you’re looking at the most accurate information when making decisions.

Track Changes Over Time

Track key account or usage metrics as they change over time, then visualize those changes at an individual account level or stratify them by specific customer segments.

Standardized Success Metrics

Highlight core metrics so your team can easily track daily changes and build playbooks that drive action based on specific metrics and changes to those metrics over time.


The integration with Mixpanel is great, and I love that I can very quickly get a clear picture of product usage data in the platform.

Leanna Castello

VP Customer Success
client success platform
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