Catalyst Dust


Close Deals Faster With Customer Insights

A close partnership between Sales and CS provides access to the data & stories needed to close more deals. Catalyst also makes the Sales to CS handoff effortless, gives Sales visibility into customer activity data, and powers automated plays to identify and action upsell opportunities quickly.

Repeatable Wins

Understand what makes your customers successful by getting insights that show you their growth, usage, and overall health. Close more deals by taking your prospect conversations from “gut feeling” to “data-driven.”

Seamless Sales to CS Handoffs

Deliver the right information to your CS team quickly and effortlessly by leveraging Catalyst’s note templates. These are built to streamline data entry, push rich context to Slack, and create tasks, all within a beautiful, intuitive user interface.

Trustworthy References

Stop chasing down CSMs every time you need a reference. With Catalyst, all of your customers’ information is in one place, allowing you to segment accounts by specific attributes. This helps ensure that each reference is a good match for each prospect.


Catalyst has made our job so much easier because it pulls together all aspects of the business and the customer into a single view and into a single platform. It has standardized our workflows, which used to encompass so many other tools, into one place. It has also helped us be more proactive with our customers; it’s only going to get better from here.

Matt Cavanaugh

Director of Customer Success
client success platform
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