Catalyst Dust

Account Layouts

One View: Every Customer Detail

Catalyst integrates with your tech stack to deliver all your customer data in one customizable view. This includes all the information you need to make the right decisions, prioritize your tasks, and take the best possible next steps.

An All-in-One Platform

Catalyst consolidates all of your customer information, enabling your team to directly update Salesforce data, while reviewing adoption metrics, email conversations, support tickets, customer health and other critical details – all from a single view.

Custom Layouts and Dashboards

Easily create custom views for yourself, your team, or your company, showing the information you want to see, the way you want to see it.

Clear Customer Activity History

Quickly see all your customer activity data in one place, including meetings, call notes, task completion, field changes, emails, and relevant historical context.


Catalyst gives me back time. I no longer need to open up 15 different tabs to prepare for partner interactions. I can generate stats reports, see progress over time, prioritize who to focus on and easily set my follow up tasks to never miss anything important.

Jordan Lewis

Partner Development & Success Specialist
client success platform
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