Catalyst Dust

Journey Builder

Automated Customer Journeys

Catalyst's innovative Journey Builder empowers you to define your ideal customer journey per segment, track progression based on clear outcomes, and use personalized playbooks that build efficiency and repeatability into your processes.

Automated Lifecycle Stage Management

Forget about data entry and moving accounts between stages manually. Catalyst knows your customer journey, tracks the associated plays and goals, and automatically moves customers to their next stage when they are ready.

Team-Wide Alignment and Scalability

Clearly communicate the goals and target durations for each stage of the customer journey in Catalyst. Customize them by segment, create tailored customer journeys for specific accounts when needed, and scale your best practices as your team grows.

The Right Tasks at the Right Time

Increase your teams’ productivity with prescriptive plays that are triggered by customers’ progress along their journey.


The Journey Builder has saved our team time by aligning our lifecycle, playbooks, and health scores, and it has also helped our team to create a more cohesive overall strategy.

Katie Rivard

Account Management Lead
client success platform
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