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About the Podcast

This weekly podcast shines a light on the human side of the tech industry, with an emphasis on mental health, perseverance, creativity, successes, and failures. It goes beyond the flashy funding and acquisition announcements, and explores the entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders behind the scenes who make it all happen—what they’ve experienced, what they’ve overcome, and most importantly, what they’ve learned.

Humans of SaaS in its first season was called NPS I Love You, which quickly became the largest and highest-rated Customer Success podcast in the industry.

Season 3 will be coming soon.

Featured Episode

Losing $14 Million In One Day

Rand Fishkin is the CEO and co-founder of SparkToro, a software company that provides high-quality market research and audience intelligence. In this episode, Rand and Ben discuss the art of writing emails, Rand’s experiences in the startup world, how to make sure you’re being fairly compensated, and much more.

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