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Customer Insights to Help Guide Your Strategy

Feature requests alone don’t give you the full picture. You need to know which customers are requesting which features, the intended use case, the revenue associated with each request, and other critical details. Catalyst provides the full context you need to take effective action.

Centralized Customer Data

Catalyst integrates with your CS tech stack, making it easy for you to find information about any of your customers. Combine both quantitative and qualitative data in one place to understand the root cause of your customers’ needs.

Easy Customer Segmentation

Don’t let your loudest customers control your product roadmap. Slice and dice your data by building different customer cohorts based on product metrics, spend, health, industry, risk-level and any other criteria you choose.

Feature Request Tracking

Customer Success Managers can easily log customer feedback and feature requests within Catalyst. Quickly pull up any customer to see what they are asking for and the full context behind it.


Catalyst has given us a central, go-to place to dig into how our customers are using our product, and how we’re engaging with them - this helps us take action at the right point in the customer lifecycle and scale our team. Most importantly, it’s given our team a common language and platform to make sure we provide the best customer experience possible.

Andrew Purpura

Director of Customer Success
client success platform
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