Product Overview

Grow your Customers

Empower your Sales and Success teams to delight, retain and grow your customers. Catalyst shapes your customer data, gives you insight into customer maturity, renewal health, and upsell potential, and provides powerful automation capabilities to help manage your customers and growth - regardless of segment.

Grow your Customers

Identify and Close Expansion Revenue

Identify accounts that are ready to buy more, automate your Sales and Success team processes, and close more revenue.

Get Ahead of Customer Churn

Receive early indicators of renewal risk and address them with team workflows. Create visibility across your entire business with insight into trends or risks that might impact your revenue forecast.

Easily Implement, Adopt, and Scale

Launch without requiring full-time admin or engineering resources, and give your team enterprise-grade power with a consumer-grade interface.

Automate and Scale Rep Workflows

Catalyst provides best-in-class automations to run your Digital customer growth program, and streamline your Enterprise workflows. Whether your reps are tech-touch, high-touch or hybrid – Catalyst's email automation, project plans, task templates, note templates, playbooks, and customer journeys provide everything your team needs to manage their book of business effortlessly.

Catalyst Expansion SignalsIdentify and Close Expansion Revenue

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The design and UX are incredible, which makes Catalyst enjoyable to use. Reporting is snappy. Updating SFDC fields is very fast. Having a single interface for reporting, health scoring, tasks, notes, and usage insights saves our CSMs hours every day and helps us focus on what matters most.

Lane Hart

Director of Customer Success, Heap
Lane Hart
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