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The 2024 State of Customer Growth Report

Growing solely through new customer acquisition is no longer a legitimate option; going forward, the most reliable place to look for more revenue is with your existing customers. But to get there, it’s crucial to understand the data behind market movements and what’s working at top companies. From there, you’ll need to design and motivate your team for maximum success. All of that data is what we simply call the State of Customer Growth.

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Get the Data on What Works in Customer Expansion

Whether you’re a Customer Success leader wondering what’s about to land on your plate or a company executive figuring out what’s next, you need data to make an informed decision. In particular, it’s crucial to understand what your peers are trying (and what isn’t working) so you can plan your resources effectively. Then you’ll want to know the core topics on which individual contributors and management disagree; without this knowledge, you could be walking into a battle blindfolded. And make no mistake, customer growth during turbulent economic times is a battle. 

In this report, you’ll learn: 

  • Key drivers of customer expansion
  • What holds businesses back from customer expansion
  • The 6 things you can do right now to supercharge customer retention and expansion
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