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Easily Identify & Action Growth Opportunities

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Product Usage-Based Playbooks

Receive alerts or launch automated emails whenever customers add more users, use your product more frequently, or start using new product features, so that you never miss an opportunity to grow the relationship.

Standardize Best Practices

Continuously level up your CS team by standardizing discovery questions within note templates and providing a clear structure for navigating upsell and expansion conversations.

Collaborate Easily in Slack

Seamlessly integrate Catalyst and Slack to streamline cross-functional collaboration. This makes it easy to keep leadership updated on new opportunities, and to empower your CSMs, renewal managers, and broader team to help drive revenue together.

We used Catalyst to create a CSQL process (Customer Success Qualified Leads), and it led to a 200% increase in upsell opportunities in just 3 months!

Hunter Paul

Director of Customer Success, RippleMatch

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