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Take the Right Actions at the Right Time

Catalyst enables you to deliver the insights your team needs exactly when they need them so they can take effective action. For example, you can automate notifications to deliver key information and assign specific tasks as soon as a customer trends towards unhealthy.

Go from Reactive to Proactive

Centralizing all of your customer data in Catalyst enables powerful reporting, efficient workflows, and automation capabilities that allow your team to work proactively. This helps to increase product usage, uncover expansion opportunities, build relationships with key points of contact, and ensure your team is always three steps ahead.

Automate & Scale Effectively

With Catalyst’s journey builder, tasks, and email automation capabilities, it’s extremely easy to build scalable, repeatable workflows across your Customer Success practice. These can be continually iterated upon and improved over time to drive ever increasing value.

Catalyst allows us to provide information on individual customers and each CSMs BoB that is both holistic and detailed where needed. In addition it enables our team to automate playbooks, and take notes/track tasks in a single platform, increasing visibility and collaboration throughout our organization.

Domenic Nucci

VP of Customer Success, MaestroQA

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