Use Cases Overview

Increase Your Net Revenue Retention

With incredibly powerful tools, integrations, and workflows, Catalyst is the ultimate Customer Success platform for enabling your team to scale, get proactive, and increase NRR with precision.

Catalyst use cases overview
Catalyst everything under one roofIncrease upsells and expansionsIncreas retention
Catalyst everything under one roof

Go from Reactive to Proactive

Go from reactive to proactive and stay ahead of your customers. Request a demo to see Catalyst's customer success software in action.

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Increase upsells and expansions

Increase Upsells & Expansions

Uncover opportunities to increase revenue, standardize CS best practices, and streamline collaboration. Request Catalyst CSM platform Demo.

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Scale & Automate

Create standardized processes and workflows to scale while delivering an incredible customer experience. See Catalyst’s CSM tools in action.

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Get Ahead of Risks

Predict and prevent churn risks effectively and know what to do to regain customers’ health. See Catalyst’s churn management software demo.

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Increas retention

Increase Retention

Reduce churn and deliver an incredible customer experience with Catalyst’s powerful workflows, automation, and insights. Request a demo.

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We use Catalyst across our CS Org with Onboarding, Customer Success and EaaS (Enablement as a Service), and have also integrated dashboards to enhance how we work cross-departmentally with Marketing, Product and others. Our leadership team also leverages the platform for insights into customer metrics and behaviors through a  customer focused lens that is accessible and digestible.

Hannah Brotherton

Customer Success Ops Manager, Spekit
Hannah Brotherton
client success platform
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