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Stay Three Steps Ahead of Your Customers

Go from reactive to proactive and stay ahead of your customers. Request a demo to see Catalyst's customer success software in action.
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Get Actionable Health Insights

Catalyst’s customer health functionality gives you the ability to build custom, weighted health scores you can trust. It also shows you what the most important reason is for each customers’ score, so that you can quickly take action to increase it.

Create Repeatable Motions

Take the right actions at the right time. Use Playbooks to automate alerts, assign tasks, and/or trigger emails at key moments, like when a customer hits an adoption milestone, when a healthy customer turns unhealthy, or when a renewal is coming up.

Bring Everything Under One Roof

Having Catalyst as your one-stop shop eliminates the need to update multiple systems. This saves CSMs countless hours every week, and reduces the number of tools in your tech stack needed to accomplish your goals.

Prior to Catalyst, reporting across our account base to drive decision-making was cumbersome and took a considerable amount of time to maintain. With Catalyst’s intuitive UI and flexible reporting capabilities, anyone within our organization is now able to segment our customers based on any criteria they desire and can be updated on the fly. When discussing at-risk accounts and upsell opportunities in a meeting -- a segment on Catalyst is being referenced.

Tyler Bubin

Manager, Customer Success, Domino Data Labs

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