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Notes On Building The Future Of Customer Success

These #ReUp2022 talks explore the vast and nuanced question: what does the future of customer success look like?
Kevin Chiu
November 8, 2022

Little more than a decade ago, customer success didn’t exist. It was created out of necessity—the burgeoning SaaS and subscription economy demanded a function dedicated to customers. 

But what about the future?

The CS function is maturing quickly, with additional demands, needs, and talent requirements coming quickly as well.

In the old days, CS was a place of experimentation where people from all disciplines could find a home. Is that going to be the case in the future? Is that even desirable as CS becomes a more mature function? 

Then of course we have turbulent economic times—if a recession comes in 2023, it would be the first one that the CS function has ever really seen. How will leadership respond in a time of economic volatility or downright crisis?

And what about the technological world of CS? With the changes in CS’ role in companies come different technology needs and innovations. Where will the industry go next?

During #ReUp2022, questions like this popped up throughout the two-day summit. Our goal at Catalyst was to explore and interrogate these questions—we know there are no easy answers. 

After the Summit, we produced six chapters of content to tease out the nuance of these questions

1. How to Create Data-Driven Content That Builds Trust With Your Customers

2. The Three Pillars Of Scaling White-Glove Onboarding To Every Customer (Sustainably) 

3. How To Pick Which Customer Success Tasks To Automate (And Which To Leave For Humans)

4. Four Unconventional Ways To Make Customer Success More Data-Driven

5. Practical Tips For Leading Customer Success Through A Down Market

6. The Three Ways Customer Success Drives (And Supports) Tech Innovation

We hope you enjoy reading the perspectives of the amazing CS leaders who spoke at ReUp. And if you want to hear directly from those speakers, sign up to get access to the entire ReUp Summit on demand.

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