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How to Launch (And Optimize) a Digital CS Program

This blog series will teach you how to build a Digital CS program from the ground up.
Patrick Icasas
April 14, 2022

A Digital CS program is critical for Customer Success teams that want to scale. 

With the right tech-touch motions, your CS org will be able to effectively onboard new users and accelerate time-to-value while protecting Customer Success Managers from being overwhelmed. 

To help you better understand what goes into an effective DIgital CS program, we consulted our CX Program Manager Ben Lee, who has authored a four-part series on how to conceptualize, build, launch, and optimize a Digital CS program. 

For your convenience, we’ve created this handy summary of the series so you can review the highlights and jump to the section that most interests you (or go through them all if you’re inclined). 

#1: Nobody Cares About Features

When most Customer Success organizations put together a Digital CS program, they usually leverage it to educate customers on the use of the most key features. They then target the users who don’t adopt these key features soon or well enough. 

This is exactly the wrong approach to take. 

In this post, Ben discusses why this approach is so terrible and what you should be doing instead. He also covers:

  • What customers actually care about (still not features)
  • The first step in building an impactful Digital CS motion
  • An outline of the Catalyst Digital CS tech stack

Read the article. 

#2: Emailing Support Articles is NOT Digital CS

What really qualifies as “Digital CS?” An email is a digital message, so shouldn’t that count? What other types of content can qualify? Video? Blog articles? Help guides?

For part 2 of this series, Ben provides the best examples of digital CS content that you can leverage. More importantly, he explains the philosophy behind generating and distributing them so that you can build a digital CS program that actually helps your customers succeed. 

This article will show you:

  • The right way to think about Digital CS programs
  • Examples of effective Digital CS content

Read the article. 

#3: Crappy Data Infrastructure is a Non-Starter

A Digital CS program is only as effective as its data allows it to be. If the customer data is messy or incomplete, then it doesn’t matter what content you’ve created–it’s not going to reach the right people. 

For the 3rd installment of the Digital CS Series, Ben covers data infrastructure and hygiene, and the role they play in engaging customers at scale. By the end of this article, you’ll have learned:

  • Ideal target audiences for your Digital CS program
  • What to do to get achieve an acceptable level of data hygiene
  • What questions to ask about your customer data

Read the article.

#4: Going Live is Just the Beginning

Launching a Digital CS motion is only the beginning of the process. Once it’s live, there’s going to be plenty more stuff to do in order to ensure the program is going to stay effective and relevant to your customers. 

In the final post of the series, Ben discusses the best practices for maintaining your digital CS program and optimizing it for maximum impact over time. He’ll also discuss:

  • Important analytics to monitor
  • How to diagnose and troubleshoot potential issues
  • How to drive efficiency in your Digital CS program

Read the article. 

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