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Introducing Catalyst Weighted Health: Scores That Drive Effective Action

Enjoy accurate and timely analysis of your account's status with Catalyst's Weighted Health Scores.
Patrick Icasas
February 11, 2022

Recent research shows that 50% of CS leaders only trust their health scores “somewhat” or “not at all.” 

The customer success industry deserves something better. So our team set out to build a next-level health scoring functionality-one that leaders would trust. 

Our goal at Catalyst is  to help Customer Success departments be more proactive with their customers through accurate and timely analysis of each account’s relationship, satisfaction, adoption, and more. 

If you work in a CS organization, then you’re more than likely looking for the following:

  • A Customer Health Score that makes sense for your business
  • A flexible system that makes it easy to build and iterate your Customer Health Score
  • The ability to weigh different factors to highlight the importance of one over the other
  • The ability to define custom health categories and thresholds for each

With these considerations in mind, we at Catalyst have released an incredibly flexible, yet robust weighted health system that can deliver customizable customer health scores to fit any business. 

Here are some of the highlights:

Customizable Health profile

A generic customer health score simply does not work. There are far too many variations at the business level-and even at the account level-to know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. 

That’s why our weighted health score allows you to configure your health score calculations relative to the things that matter most to your business. For example, if you’re prioritizing health based on stage, you can set the system to score an account based on whether the customer has moved from the onboarding to adoption stage, and how much time it took them to get there.

Flexible account segmentation

With our new weighted health system, you don’t just pick which data points contribute to your health score; you can also pick to whom that score applies.

Our account segmentation capabilities help you ensure that the right customers are being scored in the right way. 

Let’s say that you only want health scores that apply to people who have completed their training…all you would need to do is create that segment under the chosen health profile in Catalyst. 

Health Score overrides

A common challenge that has led to less than half of CS leaders trusting their score is that there are always going to be exceptions. For example, you might have an account displays as unhealthy because their work happens in cycles. Usage is low during their “down” season, but is high otherwise. 

Unfortunately, many health scoring functionalities don’t allow for easy overrides. The current “solution” is to either just ignore the score and move on, or explain everything in your CRM and hope someone reads the notes. 

With weighted health however, those exceptions can be incorporated into the equation, systematically. A CSM can override the normal health score calculation for that specific account based on the variables you set. 

That way, you don’t have to think about whether or not a health score reflects reality. You don’t have to check the CRM for notes. 

Most impactful input

Most impactful input (text in red)

One of the biggest challenges about regular health score calculations is that you rarely know which of the inputs has the biggest effect on your score. Without that knowledge, you can’t take any meaningful action to improve!

In Catalyst, however, we look at all the inputs and calculate which one will be the most impactful to work on. This will be marked on the UI for easy review by the CSM (raspberry-red text in the above screenshot).

Interested to learn more about Catalyst approached Weighted Health Scores? Sign up for our webinar on February 17, 3 p.m. EST and we will be happy to show you.

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