Untrustworthy Health Scores: What’s The Solution? [On-demand webinar]

Customer Success leaders have trust issues with a very important data point – their customer health score. In fact, 50% of CS leaders only trust their health scores “somewhat” or “not at all.” And when people don’t trust their health scores, it’s impossible to forecast growth, reduce churn, and grow Net Revenue Retention.

We’re bringing together CS leaders from Goldcast and Catalyst to share how they were able to transition from outdated health score tactics to brand new flexible health scoring systems they can trust to drive critical business decisions and provide clear actions for their CSMs.

Meet the Panelists

Sydney Strader
Head of Customer Success
Sy Pendergast
Director of Customer Success
Susan Tran
Senior Product Manager

Your health score should…

Deliver the right outcomes.

CSMs need to know what’s actually going to move the needle. Give them a health model that shows them more than just the health of the account. Give them a system that shows them where they can focus their time to have the greatest impact on their book of business.

Drive predictable revenue.

Your gut feeling is subjective. Sprinkling in a bit of science can help you better forecast what’s ahead so you’re in control of your revenue targets, you know exactly how to allocate resources, and at any point, you can give an accurate update to company leadership.

Change as you grow.

Who said health scores need to be complicated? It shouldn’t take 2 weeks and an admin request to make adjustments. A weighted health score structure allows you to prioritize what’s important to your business and easily make changes as your business scales.

You’ll learn how to...

Evaluate the accuracy of your health score
Avoid common mistakes leaders make
Build a health score you can trust
Iterate on your health score as your company grows

Untrustworthy Health Scores: What's The Solution?

Two Customer Success leaders show how they’ve matured their customer health score over time by sharing their journey with building, implementing, and re-evaluating their setup. By ditching the outdated “one-size-fits-all” approach to health scoring, they demonstrate the value of having a flexible health score that both helps them make critical business decisions and provides clear actions for their CSMs.

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