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How to Use Tech-Touch Customer Success to Your Advantage

Tech-touch improves communications between you and your customers, strengthens your b2b relationships, and provides self-sufficient help services while enhancing your data.
December 22, 2022

You have a growing list of customers to serve and want to adequately meet their needs without letting anyone slip through the cracks. Your customers want personalized service where and when they need it.

How to Use Tech-Touch Customer Success to Your Advantage

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The problem: There’s only one you and not enough hours in your work day.

The solution: A tech-touch customer success tool.

What is tech-touch customer success?

Tech-touch isn’t a high-touch model with one-on-one engagement (though your users will feel just as catered to). So what is it?

Tech-touch is the perfect marriage of automation for the CSM and personalized, relevant experiences for the customer. The software manages check-ins and communication on the CSM’s behalf with minimal human interaction. CSM tasks are mechanized and scaled, but the customer will have no idea because they experience attentive service.

Advantages of tech-touch for customers

Your customers engage and succeed with your products and services while technology collects data, segments customers, and personalizes communication. When your users need additional support for onboarding, implementing, or troubleshooting, tech-touch is the proactive way to support them without eating away at your time.

Personalized communication and education

The software sends cross-channel communication to your customers when it notices a lag in use or when they’ve reached a certain milepost in their journey and could use some prompting on what to do next. It even allows you to send out information concerning updates they might find helpful.

It’s like having “Clippy” the Microsoft paperclip (circa the mid-1990s) pop up with convenient info when and where they need it. Except, now “Clippy” has learned that being overly helpful is a turn-off, so he’s way more constructive. No one needs reminding of how to do something every time.


For the CSM, having tech-touch technology at your fingertips will help you scale your processes without additional employees. Furthermore, you’ll improve customer loyalty and satisfaction quickly and effectively by delivering personalized experiences and sufficient support.

Improved data for boosted productivity

The diverse data collected with a tech-touch tool can help you better analyze, understand, and serve your customers. You can track customer health scores and connect with inactive users, utilizing the best method of communication and relatable info in the forms of tips, checklists, and the like.

How tech-touch benefits the CS organization

Personalize onboarding procedures: Data and segmentation allow you to tailor your communication to your customers' needs and goals. Devise checklists to steer them to activation points and welcome pages. Inspire actions and next steps or call attention to missed steps with practical guides customized to their needs.

Utilize cross-channel communications: Broaden your communication tools to reach your customers. Sending an in-app pop-up to your customer who isn’t using the application is ineffective. Tech-touch can automatically send emails on your behalf to remind your customer of missed or next steps. Also, you can entice use or renewal by advertising new releases, features, or announcements without wearing out your welcome or being too disruptive since these helpful hints will come at the right moment.

Reactivate your customers' engagement: Piggybacking on the previous point, you can re-energize your customer’s engagement when you notice they haven’t been using the tools you give them. Tech-touch not only allows you to track their usage (and not just in-app meanderings), but it also allows you to send out email campaigns to stimulate their interest again.

Your email campaigns can include any one or a combination of the following:

  • Checklists of missed setup steps.
  • Links to educational/training materials.
  • Requests for feedback.
  • New, relevant features.
  • Motivating content.
  • Limited-time offers.

Make your information easily digestible: Customers can only consume so much information at a time. Reading over a pamphlet or user's guide and readily absorbing all product features and how-tos is a bit unrealistic.

They need timely and relevant information when it suits them best. Using a tech-touch approach, you can send quick facts about a feature the first time they use it. Learning about your software one element at a time will lead to more successful implementation and use.

Information that is broken down and delivered precisely when needed yields better absorption. It’s more manageable than having a massive user manual where specific information can be hard to find. Plus, binge-reading the training material can generate little-to-no comprehension.

Spark confidence with proactive self-help service: Customers are likely to give up when looking for an easy solution but have to search through a sea of information to find it. With a robust help center, your customer has the tools at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere, to meet their own needs without waiting around for someone else to help them.

Support tickets, tutorials, videos, and KBs based on segmentation and automation will boost your customer’s confidence and competence. That confidence boost will be good for retention.

Collect data for success and health scores: Data from different sources, such as usage monitoring, in-app survey pop-ups, and emailed surveys, provide CSMs with the necessary info to personalize the customer experience, increase their usage, and decrease pain points with data. Reduce churn by alleviating immediate problems and using that knowledge to improve software or training material.

Leverage data, communication, and time with tech-touch

CSM tools, like tech-touch, allow you to automate many tasks while making your customers feel valued and seen. At the same time, you’re collecting valuable data to enhance their experience and boost your effectiveness.

Tech-touch improves communications between you and your customers, strengthens your b2b relationships, and provides self-sufficient help services while enhancing your data. Your process becomes scalable, and you can do more with your current resources. Plus, your CS team improves their skills with apparent tasks to meet company objectives.


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