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Top Customer Success Resources of 2022

A compilation of our favorite Customer Success resources—forums, Slack groups, meetups, blogs and more—from 2021.
Ben Winn
January 11, 2022

There’s an incredible abundance of support out there if you know where to look

The Customer Success community is defined by the eagerness of all its members to help each other, without expecting anything in return. This can be seen in Linkedin posts, Slack teams, community forums, and everywhere else that CS professionals meet. The problem is that this wisdom is spread across the internet, and finding it can be very difficult, especially for those who are new to the profession. 

In order to support folks who are searching for resources, and to celebrate those who are putting the time and effort in to create community resources, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite resources below.

Note: We have excluded all Customer Success software companies from this list to ensure we are sending community members to CS-vendor-agnostic resources.

Customer Success forums

Gain Grow Retain

Gain Grow Retain is a free, open community for Customer Success leaders in B2B SaaS organizations. This community is designed to support leaders of all organizations to get access to direct, actionable support from their peers.

Join this community to ask and find answers to questions like:

Customer Success ForumCustomer Success Association

The Customer Success Forum is a global community that was launched in 2009 and continues to be an incredibly active and valuable space for Customer Success and Customer Experience professionals to gather and discuss. Its Founder, Mikael Blaisdell, also created and leads the Customer Success Association, which contains fantastic resources, has over 40,000 members worldwide, and offers both free and paid membership tiers.

Resources to check out include:

Outcomes: The Customer Success Community

OUTCOMES is a Customer Success-focused community and online resource for Customer Success professionals. OUTCOMES is the place for Customer Success leaders and practitioners to ask questions and share what they have learned so that we all benefit and grow the practice of delivering Customer Success.

Some recent posts to check out:

Customer Success Slack teams

Customer Success Leadership Network

Join a global network of Customer Success professionals that is committed to cultivating knowledge exchange, and establishing a CS community. Learn from thought leaders and key decision makers in the field, and become one yourself, by staying current with every advancement in the Customer Success industry.

Support Driven

Although it is largely focused on Customer Support not Customer Success, Support Driven’s #CustomerSuccess channel has almost 1500 professionals in it and remains an extremely active resource for people with questions or requests for help.

CS in Focus

If you live in, or are a fan of the Great White North, CS in Focus is a Toronto-based Customer Success community, with an active Slack channel open to all of North America. It’s a great place to meet people, find jobs, and stay tuned into upcoming events.

Customer Success meetup groups

SF Customer Success Meetup Group

This is the largest Meetup group in the world dedicated to Customer Success. Their focus is on bringing together the CS community to share learnings, best practices, and build a stronger community for Customer Success. If your role touches on the success of their customers, product management, lifecycle marketing, or making your organization more customer-centric, you should definitely join this group.

NYC Customer Success Meetup Group

As the SaaS/Cloud industry evolves, the role of Customer Success Management is emerging rapidly! This Meetup group is dedicated to connecting professionals in Customer Success and sharing/learning best practices for this growing field. If your role touches on the success of the customers, product management, lifecycle marketing, or making your organization more customer-centric, make sure to check this group out.

Customer Success blogs to follow

CSM Practice

Finding a CS leader who doesn’t know Irit Eizips is as difficult as finding a leprechaun. Irit runs CSM Practice, which is a Customer Success consulting firm that offers services to increase net retention, improve customer satisfaction, and grow your advocacy base. Her blog and newsletter are filled with incredibly valuable information, and she’s adding more all the time.

Winning By Design

Winning By Design is a premier strategy consulting and coaching provider for SaaS sales, customer success and other B2B sales organizations. The company is ranked by G2Crowd as the leading sales consulting provider. They’ve published several books and continue to publish helpful research for professionals in sales and customer success.

Practical CSM

Rick Adams is a well known author, trainer, consultant, and CS leader. His website, Practical CSM, contains a wealth of knowledge you can dig into as well as certification courses for CS professionals of all levels. 

Miscellaneous CS Awesomeness

The Open Book of Customer Success

Created by Diana De Jesus and Elisabeth Courland, The Open Book of Customer Success is probably the most comprehensive (and most beautifully designed) collection of global Customer Success resources we’ve ever seen. Take a look and make sure to bookmark it!


This is one of the best and most well-maintained Customer Success jobs pages, created and maintained by the awesome team at SuccessHacker.

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