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8 #ReUp2022 Sessions No Customer Success Professional Can Afford To Miss

Here are eight sessions happening at the ReUp 2022 Customer Success Summit you can’t afford to miss.
Ben Winn
September 21, 2022

If you’re in Customer Success, you deserve to pat yourself on the back once in a while.

Customer success pulls a company through the bad times. You are the guardians of revenue, earned and expanded. That is a very. big. deal. 

But as guardians of the (revenue) galaxy, you have a responsibility to learn. Continuously. It is the burden you must bear—to lead your companies forward through growth, you have to be ahead of the curve. 

With that noble requirement in mind, here are eight sessions happening at the ReUp 2022 Customer Success Summit you can’t afford to miss.

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1. Doing More With Less In CS

What it’s about: this panel discussion features experienced CS leaders, all of whom have been asked the dreaded question—”How can you do more with less?” 

The panelists will share the strategies they used and offer their insights for any CS leader caught in the same jam.

Who is speaking

  • Mike Sasaki, VP, CS at Mitek; 
  • Hollie Grantham, VP, CS at Teampay; 
  • Brendan Cahoon, VP, CS at Catchpoint; 
  • Diana De Jesus, Customer Success Leader at Catalyst.

Why you can’t afford to miss it: every company is thinking about their expenses. Unfortunately, that can mean cutting staff or not having the resourcing you’d like. This panel will help you navigate that reality. Even if you’re in growth mode right now, this panel will offer valuable insight on staying lean and scaling up.

2. Three Pillars to Scale White-Glove Onboarding to Every Customer

What it’s about: are only your highest-paying customers getting VIP treatment during onboarding? Learn the 3-pillar strategy for delivering a white-glove onboarding experience to any customer type, at any scale, and doesn't require hiring an army of managers. 

Who is speaking

  • Paul Holder, Co-founder and CEO at OnRamp.

Why you can’t afford to miss it: when customers have a great onboarding experience, they are 12% to 21% more willing to pay for your solution in the future. That’s a huge bump to retention right from day one—this panel shows you how to make everyone feel like a VIP.

3. Mastering the Sales <> CS Handoff

What it’s about: learn how to align your pre-sales solution consulting team with your Customer Success and Professional Services teams to optimize onboarding and expansion. 

Bonus: here’s a free sales-to-CS handoff template you can use to get the process started even before ReUp.

Who is speaking

  • Michelle Wideman, CCO at Onna.

Why you can’t afford to miss it: the majority of consumers (75%!) say a consistent customer experience will improve their likelihood of doing business with a brand. So that smooth sales experience needs to sail right into a smooth customer success experience; this talk shows you how to do that. 

4. Managing Through Rapid Change & Growth

What it’s about: leading a CS team comes with a unique set of challenges. Learn how the CS leaders of Canva and Catalyst are navigating economic turbulence, elevating their CS team members, increasing their cost efficiency, and more.

Who is speaking:

  • Julie Flodr, Head of Customer Success at Canva;
  • Sydney Strader, VP, CS at Catalyst.

Why you can’t afford to miss it: well, the world is changing… rapidly. It’s also growing, but not necessarily in the direction we all thought. This talk will share how to manage that reality and come out thriving.

5. What Your Customers Aren't Telling You…

What it’s about: at some point, every CS leader has seen a churn and thought either “they seemed happy” or “they never said they were unhappy.” This talk navigates through those two comments and explains how data can reveal what your customers aren’t telling you, helping you to change their minds before they've even decided to leave.

Who is speaking:

  • Adrian Barley, Operations Manager at Cognism.

Why you can’t afford to miss it: churn is a sensitive topic. But you need to learn from it when it happens to minimize the risk of even more accounts churning based on the things they didn’t tell you.

6. In Sickness & In Health; How Data Improves Your Customer Relationships

What it’s about: in this talk, you'll learn how data can be leveraged to drive stronger relationships with your customers through 3 real-life examples from Chili Piper's Digital CS Program.

Who is speaking:

  • Gemma Cipriani-Espineira, CCO at Chilipiper;
  • Aaron Siegel, Senior Business Insights Analyst at Chilipiper.

Why you can’t afford to miss it: understanding how data informs human connection and relationships is a critical part of handling complex relationships or scaling tech-touch customer success. This talk gives you real examples to learn from in this arena.

7. From Inputs to Impact; A Voice-of-Customer Program That Actually Works

What it’s about: this talk explains how 1Password brings together VoC data from multiple sources and translates it into meaningful insights that can be used to better understand customer behaviour, and forecast impact on NPS, impact on CSAT, cost of service, and revenue.

Who is speaking:

  • Steve Noone O’Connor, VP, CS at 1Password.

Why you can’t afford to miss it: 1Password is a huge company that’s making big waves—learn directly from how they did it, not some best practice worksheet that’s never been tested before.

8. Supporting the World's Biggest Brands at Scale

What it’s about: signing a Fortune 100 client is a huge boon for your business, but these companies have very specific demands and needs. Come learn how Braze built a Global Strategic Account team that provides white glove support for the biggest companies in the world.

Who is speaking:

  • Scott Dzialo, VP, CS, Global Strategic Accounts at Braze.

Why you can’t afford to miss it: big clients are awesome, but they can also wreak havoc on your book of business if they are unhappy or churn. This talk teaches you the practical ways to build a thriving relationship with enormous enterprise companies, from someone who does it on a daily basis.

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