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Salesforce Integration 2.0: Enable Richer Workflows with Additional Objects

Our upgraded bi-directional Salesforce integration is a game-changer for lovers of custom objects.
Sara Skov
October 6, 2021

Today we are excited to announce a big upgrade to our bi-directional Salesforce integration. You can now bring in any additional object from Salesforce (standard or custom), and make that object data available for segmentation, use it to enrich customer and contact profiles, and action on changes in workflows. 

And, of course, because of our bi-directional sync, you can quickly and easily make updates within Catalyst and see them reflected in Salesforce.

The best part? You can set it up within minutes, and have new segments and workflows spun up same-day.

Our Beta customers have already hit the ground running and used the expanded functionality to:

  • Quickly view and segment support or other Cases associated with their accounts and contacts
  • Instantly access commercial insight like Contracts, Products, or Invoices from SFDC within Catalyst
  • Make cross-functional collaboration a breeze by connecting Custom Objects used by other teams for visibility which allows each team to work in their preferred tool but still stay connected
  • Pull in Custom Objects built to support their unique business processes and customer information
  • Integrate third-party Custom Objects that sync to Salesforce, like Gong or Delighted

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