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The Ultimate Discovery Cheat Sheet with Bob London

Have you ever had a customer discovery (or maybe a few) that leave you feeling overwhelmed, with a follow-up the size of a whole new side hustle? From Sales to Customer Success, efficient and effective customer discovery has never been more critical in this fast-paced, ever-evolving landscape. Our cheat sheet will help you win more in today’s market with the Radically Authentic Discovery (RAD) Method developed by Bob London, that drives deeper customer engagement, insights, and more revenue.

What You'll Learn:


Get to the point with disruptive discovery

Eliminate guesswork by quickly identifying your biggest differentiators through disruptive discovery, including six questions that you can start using right away!


Uncover your customers’ deepest needs

Learn how to build a discovery framework that goes deep into uncovering your customer’s greatest needs, dreams, wants and fears.


Build authentic connections that buy and renew more

Showcase your intellect, curiosity and care beyond other vendors by building radically authentic customer relations in less time and effort.

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