A TEMPLATE by Catalyst

The Best Template to Evaluate Customer Success Platforms

A Customer Success Platform (CSP) can help you scale your business, but if you pick the wrong CSP you’ll waste a lot of resources (time and money down the drain). CSPs aren’t all created equal so it’s your job to evaluate them against your needs. That’s why we created this template to help guide you through your CSP shopping journey. Find a platform that will both align with your current needs, and also grow and scale with you.

What you’ll achieve with this template:


Learn the essential components of a CSP

Understand what to expect from Customer Success Platforms in the market.


Lead your CSP search confidently

Know exactly what you're looking for and how to uncover that information through proper CSP discovery.


Look past a vendor's feature set

Features and capabilities are critical, but it’s equally as important to know exactly how you'll be supported as a customer.

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