A TEMPLATE by Catalyst

The Best Deck for CS Leaders in the Boardroom

CS leaders have become central to every board meeting. CS metrics and insights show how sustainable the company is, influence future decisions, and impact overall valuations. That’s why we created the best deck ever for CS Leaders in the boardroom. This ready-to-use template gives CS Leaders the structure they need to wow board members by connecting the dots and communicating a strong plan of action for the business.

What you’ll achieve with this template:


Consistently share relevant information

On average, 30-35% of board meetings are spent covering Customer Success. Give your Board the information they need.


Let the data tell a story

Numbers don’t speak for themselves. Help the board make sense of your business metrics by surfacing key insights, impact on the business, and recommendations moving forward.


Get the guidance you need

Board meetings aren’t meant to be one-sided. Use this deck to gather feedback and insights to level up your department and leverage your Board's prior learnings.

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