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Game Changing SaaS Metrics Cheat Sheet

Navigating and understanding the various metrics to measure Customer Success is challenging enough. Fear not, because we’re unlocking the metrics vault in collaboration with Catalyst VP of Finance, Deirdre Mullen. In this cheat sheet, you’ll find a comprehensive metrics calculator that you can download and customize to measure your performance. What are you waiting for? Here we grow!

What you'll achieve with this template:


Unlock the formulas needed to target performance gaps

Easily track and assess where your team’s time and resources can make the biggest impact on top-level NRR and GRR targets.


Remove doubt and save time preparing for leadership meetings

Access a plug and play calculator to easily track, optimize and report your metrics to leadership and the board.


Master your revenue performance

Allow yourself to stay focused on strategy and let our cheat sheet do the performance tracking for you!

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