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Bottoms Up Forecast Template for Renewals

One of the most crucial, yet difficult skills to master as a leader is forecasting. Year over year, studies have reported that roughly one quarter (24%) of businesses forecast accurately. That’s why Catalyst Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Kosoglow, is excited to share his exact Bottoms Up template to forecast renewals with precision. Building a uniform Bottoms Up process is the most foundational piece to accurate forecasting. Grab Mark’s forecast template to hit the ground running.

What you'll achieve with this template:


Enable your team to deliver the right forecast inputs

Build forecast mastery from the ground up with a shared methodology for managing deal stages, documenting risk, and putting renewals into the forecast.


Gain control over what’s really happening in the field

With a standardized structure in place, assess deal risk and forecast probability with more clarity and confidence.


Increase your forecast performance

Reduce risk in one of your most critical business functions with an unbeatable forecast methodology that produces accurate, consistent predictions.

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