Catalyst Dust


Uncover customer growth opportunities with data-driven Signals

Automatically identify and action new customer growth opportunities seamlessly within the customer experience using data, AI and relationship-based workflows.

Automatically alert your team of potential customer growth

Never miss an opportunity for customer growth. Leverage customer, sales, and product data to “signal” potential expansion opportunities to your team.

Proactively action every opportunity from qualification to close

Ensure your team always takes action and follows your best practices. Set up Signals to trigger a guided action plan with manual activities for your team or automated customer engagements from Catalyst.

Gain visibility into expansion opportunities and your growth strategy’s effectiveness

Always know the state of customer growth. Visualize, track, and manage customer growth in a single view with customizable expansion layouts for individual teams and leadership.


Gone are the days of operating in the dark, estimating when accounts have met the right criteria for growth. Fortunately, customer expansion can now be more strategic and efficient with Signals. Signals is timely for FullStory. We recently shifted to a hunter/farmer go-to-market where Account Managers (farmers) are responsible for customer renewals and expansions. With Signals, farmers save time identifying accounts ready for expansion, with real-time visibility into the value our product is delivering.

Mat Friedman

Sr. Revenue Operations Analyst
client success platform
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