Lifecycle Management

Follow along the lifecycle journey of your customers

Easily track the customer journey and build customizable tasks per stage that match different customer segments.

Automated Lifecycle Management

No longer do Customer Success Managers have to worry about data entry or updating accounts to ​​the next stage. Catalyst follows your customer journey, recognizes when tasks are completed in the current stage, and automatically moves the customer to the next stage.

Streamline lifecycle management across your team

Set the best practice for lifecycle management to empower Customer Success Managers to deliver continuous value throughout the customer journey. Define the goals for each stage and set target dates for completion. Catalyst helps set the foundation of work and gives the ability to create tailored lifecycle plans for each account.

Focus on the right tasks, at the right time

Catalyst helps Customer Success Managers focus on the highest-priority tasks. With Lifecycle Management’s sequence-based task creation, we’ll only create and assign a task that’s currently due. Once that task is completed, we’ll automatically log it to Salesforce and create the next one. No more spam!

Prior to Catalyst, reporting across our account base to drive decision-making was cumbersome and took a considerable amount of time to maintain. With Catalyst’s intuitive UI and flexible reporting capabilities, anyone within our organization is now able to segment our customers based on any criteria they desire and can be updated on the fly. When discussing at-risk accounts and upsell opportunities in a meeting -- a segment on Catalyst is being referenced.

Tyler Bubin
Customer Success @ Domino Data Lab

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