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The 10 Defining Principles of Customer-Led Growth

Drive more customer growth by learning about the 10 Principles of Customer-Led Growth (CLG). Backed by months of work we’ve done with 100+ CLG advisors and leaders in top B2B SaaS companies, this 65-page ebook is filled with insider strategies & tactics for building a customer-le

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Insider Strategies & Tactics for Driving CLG from Customer Revenue Experts

Take the next step in mastering Customer-Led Growth by understanding the 10 Defining Principles of it, and how you can implement them in your company to unlock new growth cheaper, faster, and more reliably. With this ebook, you’ll:

  • Ensure every team from Finance to Sales is driving value to the customer across their entire lifecycle
  • Build the right processes to support customer growth through seamless handoffs, VOC, CSQLs, and more
  • Identify moments in your customer journey that can get optimized for more revenue impact

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