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Watch: How to Build a Best-In Class Customer Advisory Board

Available on-demand now

Recently our team at Catalyst has been exploring how to build the best CAB, and given the community's interest in this topic, we decided to host a panel with leaders from HubSpot, Asana, and Mavenlink so that we can all learn together.

This panel is a must-watch for anyone interested in CABs.

What should you be thinking about if you're starting your CAB from scratch? How can you keep your CAB engaged remotely? How are leading SaaS companies thinking about CABs long term?

Watch the recording
Latest Ebook

The Great Customer Success Debate

We took the most controversial topics in Customer Success and we sent them to SuccessCOACHING’s Top 100 CS Influencers + Top 25 CS Strategists. This ebook is a compilation of their responses, and while many of these issues were neck-and-neck, it’s incredibly interesting to see all of the arguments for and against each topic.

This ebook answers questions like:
  • Who should own renewals?

  • How important is CSM sentiment?

  • When should you buy CS software?

  • How complex should your health score be?

  • Should you be friends with your customers?

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recent Ebook

The Future of Customer Success

We collaborated with over 40 different Customer Success leaders to write the first-ever ebook dedicated to exploring the future of our industry: where did we come from, where are we going, and what should CS leaders be doing today while keeping one eye on the horizon.

This ebook answers questions like:
  • What CS leaders predict the future holds

  • Which metrics are most critical for board meetings now and moving forward

  • Strategies for moving CS to the center of your company

  • Strategic plays employed by leading organizations

  • How to think about and implement automation practices

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Catalyst has been a great addition to our Account Management process - it’s given us a central, go-to place to dig into how our customers are using our product, and how we’re engaging with them - this helps us take action at the right point in the customer lifecycle and scale our team. Most importantly, it’s given our team a common language and platform to make sure we provide the best customer experience possible.

Andrew Purpura
Director of Account Management @ Frame.io