How Snapdocs Saved 1,300+ Hours of Admin Time In 6 Months With Catalyst

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Snapdocs’ revenue comes entirely from product usage, meaning customer success is the critical revenue driver of the organization.

After a huge increase in customers, the team needed high quality administration to help CSMs drive engagement and to drive customer-led growth.

Catalyst helped CSMs save an estimated 1,300+ hours in administrative work and empowered the marketing team to source customer stories and customer co-marketing opportunities.

The Challenge

Snapdocs needed to tighten customer success administration to drive revenue.

Snapdocs helps customers close mortgages digitally with a suite of eClosing products. The company had been steadily growing since 2012 but then saw explosive 10x growth during the COVID-19 pandemic as more people bought houses digitally (and sometimes sight-unseen).

While any startup would welcome a 10-fold increase in customers within a year, this incredible growth meant that Snapdocs needed to deal with a number of hyper-growth scaling challenges. Although the number of customers and new contracts were rapidly increasing, all eyes were on CS to deliver revenue growth. Snapdocs is largely a pay per use model, so customer adoption, largely owned by CS, is the primary source of revenue.

“We charge by transaction, and so the faster we are at getting customers on board and more of their transactions live on our platform, the more revenue we make from the customers that we sell,” said Vishal Rana, the Vice President of Customer Success and Operations at Snapdocs.

As a result, Vishal is clear that customer success is directly responsible for revenue at Snapdocs.

“The customer success organization is the engine of revenue for the entire company,” said Vishal. “Sales signs the right to earn revenue but rarely books committed revenue when they close a contract. It’s the convention in the industry and forcing commitments would have slowed down our sales engine. We’re in a landgrab market right now as lenders are fighting for share as this technology is rapidly adopted for the first time due to COVID-19.”

This landgrab mentality led to a wide range of customers trying to adopt Snapdocs at the same time. It was incredible growth, but the customer success team was stuck in an admin nightmare. Then they opened their inbox each day, they were instantly dealing with a deluge of tasks. Snapdocs also has eight different kinds of customers, each with their own unique playbook that CSMs need to think about and execute on. As a result of the magnitude of admin tasks and playbooks to memorize, the CSM team rarely had the time or energy to focus on what really mattered: encouraging product usage among customers.

“Come Monday afternoon, CSMs have gotten 40 emails and then they’re in firefighting mode,” said Vishal. “And they know they need to set up that QBR, but it’s the last thing on their list.”

To solve this problem, Snapdocs realized they had to optimize their data, admin, and CS workflows. Vishal wanted technology to aid their CSMs with a central source of truth for data and automated reminders to do the important parts of their jobs.

In the end, they chose Catalyst as a centralized platform for their Customer Success organization because of its unparalleled ability to bring in information from disparate data sources, its flexibility to accommodate their complex business structure, and the intuitive workflows the platform would allow them to build to streamline operations.


We have seven or eight different CS models running at the same time and we’ve got implementation teams. We needed a tool that would be able to build the playbooks for all of those things.

Vishal Rana

VP of Customer Success & Operations

The Solution

Snapdocs Centralized Data and CSM Automations in Catalyst

Snapdocs implemented Catalyst first as a single source of truth for customer data, bringing together disparate data through seamless integrations with Salesforce, Redshift, Zendesk, BI tools, and more, which eliminated the need for team members to look through multiple tools to find the data they needed for meetings, QBRs, etc.. The fact that the Salesforce integration was bi-directional as well, helped to ensure that information would always be up-to-date across platforms.

As their next step, Snapdocs then used Catalyst to build, iterate upon, and standardize plays, powered by their now fully-integrated data, to drive excellence in execution organization-wide.

Patricia Li, the Sr. Director, Customer Operations at Snapdocs, said she was impressed with how helpful and responsive the Catalyst team was during set up.

“The implementation was quite large and complex, given our multitude of business lines and data inputs, and the Catalyst team was a true partner in helping get us set up. They were super responsive, resolved blockers quickly, and got the system up and running for our teams very quickly.” said Patricia.

What impressed Vishal most, though, was the product flexibility. He loved that Catalyst was customizable enough to help with both high touch and low touch customers. “We have multiple product lines,” said Vishal. “We sell to both banks and lenders, as wellas settlement companies. We’ve got totally different CS motions for both of them. And then we have tiering within them. It was clear to me that Catalyst was the right solution for this motion, because we were account-management based.

”After the initial roll out with Salesforce data and playbooks, Vishal introduced Catalyst to Snapdocs’ product, marketing, and sales teams so they could all see which customers were engaging and use that to inform their own practices. Typically, this had been done manually and ad-hoc, but Catalyst helped automate it and save time for everyone.

Once the platform was fully implemented, Patricia looked at the increase in the CS org’s productivity and estimated Catalyst was saving each CX team member at least 15 minutes per day of administrative work, which, across Snapdocs’ 42-person CX team, means they saved around 1,375 hours of administrative time, largely due to the efficiency gained by having all their data accurate and in one central location.

“Catalyst marries data that isn’t married anywhere else as elegantly as it is inside the platform.”
Patricia Li, Senior Director of Customer Operations, Snapdocs

But beyond admin savings, Vishal also noted that Catalyst is helping provide strategic value to the marketing team. He said they now use it to find customer stories, references, and connect with customers to have them included in various marketing activities.

“The team outside of CS that uses Catalyst the most is the marketing team,” said Vishal. “They use it to help manage customer references, find customers that they want to source for videos or other marketing events. I think the reason it’s valuable to the rest of the company is because it integrates with all of the other data sources.”


Vishal Rana

Whats Coming Next

Driving Next-Level Growth

After a strong implementation, Snapdocs is continuing their customer success push. One of the company’s primary goals in 2022 is driving adoption across its customer base, which means continuing to run playbooks, iterating as necessary, and making sure that the whole company is able to leverage Catalyst as a growth driver.

“We’ve been using Catalyst as an important part of making sure the team stays on track as we go through the ramp-up process, to make sure we’re not losing time and getting customers on board,” said Vishal. “Our customers have told us that we’re on top of them. And that’s what we want.”


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