We ensure that our employees feel cared for and supported, and are given the opportunity to bring their true selves to work every day. We believe in providing them with growth opportunities within their current path and the chance to expand their horizons across the different realms of the organization.

We take care of the people who are taking care of our customers.

Happy employees = happy customers.

What We Value

Unlike other organizations, Catalyst’s values are entirely employee-driven. We support and embody the values listed below because we chose them ourselves, and they are what we aspire to every single day.

01 Be Transparent. Catalyst believes in open communication. We encourage honesty and directness from both our employees and management alike, because that’s how you build trust. And that’s what our customers can expect, too.

02 Take Ownership. There is no “passing the buck” at Catalyst. We are all responsible for our behaviors, actions, and decisions. This means doing what we say we’re going to do, and shouldering the results of those actions.

03 Place Customers at the Center. At the end of the day, we exist to make our customers’ lives better. It doesn’t matter what your job function is at Catalyst; everything you do impacts customers in some way. Always consider “how does this benefit our customers?” before you take action.  

04 Be Selfless. The people at Catalyst are our most valuable resource. They are our hands, and they are our heart. We value selflessness. This includes recognizing that people have diverse backgrounds, views, and self-identities, and creating a safe space for them all to co-exist.

05 Have Fun. Fun is not just a foosball table or Beer Fridays. Fun is a willingness to laugh at ourselves and our industry. It’s acknowledging that everyone likes a good joke, whether that’s a customer or a fellow employee. It’s learning when to relax and when to be professional. At Catalyst, memes are our friends.

06 Be Humble. Value humility. There is no place for ego in a company that places the customer first. It’s one thing to be proud of your work, it’s quite another for that pride to dominate everything you do.

Why I love Catalyst

"At Catalyst, I am surrounded by amazing colleagues who are great at what they do. Even on the most challenging days, we are able to trust each other, get the job done, and still make time to crack a lot of jokes! Having this dynamic at work has consistently kept me motivated and excited to do my job!"

Victoria Becker, Manager, Customer Support Engineering

Investing in Our Employees

100% of employee and dependent health, dental, and vision plans
Comprehensive financial planning
Protecting mental health with company-wide monthly Mental Health days
Generous equity, ensuring that everyone has a stake in our growth
Supporting physical health with fitness and wellness monthly stipends
Unlimited PTO so our teams can rest and recharge
Employer-sponsored 401(k), enabling you to prepare for retirement
Team-building virtual and in-person events like competitive game nights and floral arrangement classes
Generous parental leave for both primary and secondary caregivers
Learning and development stipend to expand professional skills

How We Hire

What can I expect the hiring process to look like?

With the caveat that the hiring process differs between roles, the hiring process tends to take a similar arc across all open positions (see directly below for details). Our process is thorough, as each hire is crucial and makes a tremendous impact on the Catalyst team!

  • Initial phone screen with our Talent Acquisition Lead: focus areas here will be on what factors are important to you in your search, what your ideal opportunity looks like, how your prior experience aligns with the role for which you've applied, and on logistical alignment.
  • Zoom conversation with the hiring manager (in the vast majority of cases, this person is your would-be direct boss): this conversation tends to be a hybrid of role-specific and technically-nuanced questions, as well as a behavioral component.
  • Work product: we feel it's important to get a sense of your work, prior to determining whether to extend an offer. This work product can take multiple forms: a written doc, a live presentation, and/or (for engineering-specific roles), a technical interview dedicated to learning how you problem-solve in the moment.
  • 1-2 onsites (all virtual, currently!), providing you the opportunity to meet with cross-functional stakeholders and gain a holistic view of what life at Catalyst will look like!
  • Exec conversation 1:1 conversation with Edward Chiu, our CEO & Cofounder.
  • References: we typically ask for 2-3 references, so that we can gain context and insight on what it's like to work with you. We do not believe in backchanneling, and will only reach out to individuals who you have specifically identified as your references.
Can I apply for more than one open role?

Yes, absolutely! Applying for more than one role won't hurt your chances for any of the roles you've applied for. Our recruiting team will share your application with the hiring manager for each respective role, and that cohort will work together to suss out which opportunity is most closely aligned with your experience.

How will my candidacy be assessed?

The interview team has a "pre-brief" as soon as a role officially opens, to ensure that everyone who will be meeting with candidates has context for the role, how the hire will be working with each interviewer once they join, etc. We also have a debrief after each candidate's onsite, to ensure that employees not only submit written feedback but also have the chance to connect live. We ensure that written scorecards are submitted prior to that debrief, to mitigate the risk of an individual's evaluation being affected by others'. In terms of the scorecard itself, there are two components: one is standardized across all roles and departments (in terms of team add, etc.), and the other is tailored based upon each interviewer's relation to the open role.

I know that all interviews will be conducted remotely throughout the duration of Covid-19 - but will I be expected to work from an office, post-pandemic?

We plan to reopen a NYC-based office, once it is safe to do so. However, we have transitioned to a hybrid of NY-based & US-based employees, meaning that, if hired, you will be able to work remotely to whatever extent you'd like - whether that's 0% or 100%!

How can I ensure that the hiring team is aware of my preferred pronouns?

Please let us know your pronouns as soon as you feel comfortable doing so, and we’ll make sure that the team is aware of them. You are encouraged to do this either as part of your initial application, or once you receive a request to schedule an initial conversation -- whatever is the most comfortable for you.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging. At Catalyst, we strongly believe in aligning diverse perspectives under a unified mission. We know that people do their best work when they can show up as their whole selves, and we strive to create an environment that celebrates authenticity. We also acknowledge that we have room to grow here, and that it's an ongoing effort to create a team with diverse experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds - and we push ourselves to actively elevate those who might otherwise be underrepresented. Below are some of the ways in which we incorporate this stance into our hiring processes:

  • Keeping hiring panels as diverse as possible
  • Maintaining the same process for all candidates interviewing for a given role
  • Banning the phrase "culture fit," and focusing instead on "culture add"