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Level Up Your Customer Success Career - Apply for the Catalyst Coaching Corner

We are excited to announce applications are open for the Fall 2022 Season of the Coaching Corner!
Danny Garcia
August 15, 2022

We are excited to announce applications are open for the Fall 2022 Season of the Coaching Corner! Our most recent Spring Season was our biggest one ever where we created over 150+ CS mentorship pairings with professionals from leading companies like Slack, LinkedIn, Shopify, Attentive, Braze, and more. 

Everyone had an amazing experience (just check out the screenshots below), and we are excited to make our upcoming FW22 cohort even better. 

If you are looking for CS Mentorship, apply to be a Player

If you are interested in Coaching CS professionals, apply to be a Coach

Applications close August 31st. 

What is the Coaching Corner?

The Coaching Corner is a bi-annual program that pairs CS Leaders (Coaches) with CS operators (Players) for 1:1 mentorship. 

Each cohort runs for 3 months in the Spring/Summer (Feb-May) and in the Fall/Winter (Sep-Nov/Dec). During that time, each pair meets 1:1 for one hour, once a month.

In addition to these 1:1 sessions, Coaching Corner participants get access to exclusive events, workshops, networking, content, and our customer success job board. 

How does it work?

The Fall 2022 Season of the Coaching Corner will run from mid-September through mid-December.

Coaches and Players fill out respective application forms. They help us learn more about you and your professional goals so we can know if this program would be a good fit, and to find the best pairing for you. You must apply by August 31st

We’ll let you know about your application status by September 6th. If you’re accepted you must confirm your participation.

If accepted, you’ll receive:

  • Information from Catalyst to give you access to our coaching community, mentorship resources, and event schedule. 
  • An email-based intro to your Coach/Player the week of September 19th. Players should follow up and schedule their first session and establish a meeting cadence. 

During the program, you’ll receive updates, resources, and surprises from Catalyst to help you make the most of your mentorship journey.

Note: We do not charge or pay Coaches or Players for participating.

Who should apply?

You should apply to be a Player if…

  • You’re looking to advance in your CS career, whether that means you’re looking for a promotion, are a new CSM, or working on becoming a better Manager/Leader.
  • You’re looking to break into CS.
  • You’re serious about your career growth.

We’ve had Players of all job levels—from people looking to transition into tech all the way to Directors of high growth startups.

Our Players have had an amazing experience in the program, and you will too. If you want to join, apply as a Player before August 31st

You should apply to be a Coach if…

  • You’re a current or former Manager, Director, VP, or CCO in Customer Success. We sometimes make exceptions for very experienced individual contributors who have years of experience and can share their expertise.
  • You love to help other CS professionals and give back by sharing your learnings, mistakes, and best practices to people who were in the same spot as you.
  • You want to connect with other Coaches and be part of a rewarding CS community.
  • You are interested in improving your listening and management skills with people that are outside of your team.

If this sounds like you, apply to Coach by August 31.

Being a Catalyst Coach is an incredibly rewarding experience. But don’t just take it from us, here’s what some of our Coaches have shared:

So… ready to join the best CS mentorship community? 

Apply here to be a mentor/coach.‍

Apply here to be a mentee/player.

Deadline to apply for this cohort is August 31, 2022. 

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