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Introducing Email: Scale Customer Outreach with Catalyst

Catalyst has officially launched email functionality! See what our customers have to say.
Sara Skov
June 22, 2021

Things are heating up at our HQ in NYC, and not just because it's 90 degrees outside. Our Product and Engineering teams are on fire (in the best way) and we're bringing a BIG updates this month - Catalyst is launching our sleek new Email solution.

Our main goal is to empower Customer Success teams to be more proactive and deliver 
consistent and more personalized customer experiences at scale, by giving them the ability to automate repetitive but critical customer communications, and leverage personalization to scale touchpoints that drive great customer experiences.

Our early release customers were eager to automate touchpoints like:

  • Welcome new customers when a deal is closed won
  • Introduce the CSM on the account and transition out of implementation 
  • Remind customers of their upcoming renewal
  • Check in when health changes or usage drops
  • Send VP check-ins after kickoff and renewals

We were fortunate to partner with three incredible Customer Success teams as early release participants for the Email solution, and here is why they are excited about what our Email feature will unlock for their team:


“Catalyst's new email capabilities will allow us to scale while still providing our customers with highly personalized communications. The combination of the powerful query functionality, easy-to-use playbook builder, and email capabilities have made it easy to set up targeted playbooks throughout the customer lifecycle.

Our CSMs really appreciate that they can review emails and recipients before sending. The ability to dynamically select applicable contacts and include them in the same email (TO: + CC:) is a highly valuable feature that we couldn't find with many other CS platforms. 

We're just scratching the surface in terms of the playbooks that are now possible with email. However, the ones we have run we were able to execute quickly from both the admin + CSM seat, the quality was flawless and we had a high rate of success towards the goals of the playbooks themselves.”

Senior Manager, Customer Success


“The CS team at LaunchDarkly is really excited to be able to implement Catalyst's email sending capabilities as the next step in our team's evolution. This capability enables us to continue driving toward a more proactive motion and is putting us in a great position to expand our scale and scope. Leveraging the data we have funneling into Catalyst, we're able to increase the relevance of touchpoints with our growing customer base which is yielding more meaningful engagements.”

Sr. Manager - Strategic & Federal Customer Success 


“We are excited about the release of email in Catalyst because it will help our team never forget a follow-up touchpoint and become even more proactive around key plays.”

Director, Operational Excellence

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