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Customer Success Memes That Will Make You (and Your Customer) ROTFL

They're funny because they're true.
November 11, 2021

A little bit of humor helps the work go faster, which is why we spend so much time making and posting hilarious memes for our (and your) enjoyment.

But you know who else enjoys Customer Success memes? CUSTOMERS! Yes, they have a sense of humor, too! Who knew?

Test it for yourself! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite memes below, and we give you permission to use any of them. Go ahead, give your customers a laugh. It’ll make their day (and maybe make your job easier). 

If you want to see more, we’ve got an entire library full of them. 

1. Quiet, dog

There’s only so much muzzling a good boi can take.


2. Score of 8

It should’ve at least been a 9.5!

3. I have the solution

Stay strong, my man. You’ll have your moment soon. 

4. Are you really a CSM?

The Salesforce is strong within you.

5. I'll miss you, too

Do they really mean it though?

6. Talking to customers after hours

“But you said, ‘anytime!”

7. Goodbye

Working from home is fan-diddly-tastic!

8. Hurt in other ways

I think I’d rather be bitten. 

 9. Civil war

Dibs on Spider-man!

10. What presentation?

“You know, the one that will determine if this customer churns or not.”

11. Getting budget

Because CSMs should train themselves in a dark cave filled with flying rodents.

12. Salesforce? Sob!

It’s funny because it hurts.


13. Pitch deck vs reality

But you have to admit, it was a great deck.


14. Click this button

“Your instructions are too complex.”

15. One does not simply...

It’s a pre-game tradition!


16. Email error

That’s fine, nobody will notice. Except your boss. And upper management. And your worst customer. 


17.  Posting memes

AND posting a BLOG ARTICLE about CS Memes.

18. It's happy hour

Don’t forget to turn off your webcam when you’re done!


19. Cover letters

They really shouldn’t. 

20. Customer value?

Yes, I’ve got the NPS survey results to prove it!

21. The duck is wise

This duck is a genius!

22. Surprise renewal

The next question is, “how?!”

23. Leadership won't listen

“Go talk to the Product team!!!


24. The bright future

Also if everyone tried working in retail. 


25. Self-managing

Try ordering yourself to “heel!'


26. Oh. I'm so surprised.

That’s an “I told you so” straining to burst out. 

27. Wake-up call

“You should also get a breath mint.”


28. Sales vs Product

At least it’s not me this time.

29. Software training

And this is after you research on Google.

30. Quiet, brain

“That’s okay, I’ll just keep reading more memes.”

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