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Catalyst Wins Customer Success Leader Fall 2022 G2 Award (Plus Eight More)

Catalyst has been selected for nine G2 Awards including the Customer Success Leader and Enterprise High Performer Awards
Kevin Chiu
October 13, 2022

Catalyst’s mission is to help companies retain customers and upsell with precision. And I love hearing about wins from our customers—the stories we hear about how they increased retention by 16%, saved over 1,600 hours of admin time, found over $1 Million in new revenue expansion opportunities, and increased NPS scores by 25 points. It’s incredibly validating as a founder, but also makes me proud of our team for building easy configurations, customizations, and integrations with our clients’ favorite sales and product technologies. 

It’s also an absolute honor to receive awards from outside parties, which is why I’m ecstatic to announce that Catalyst has been selected for nine G2 Awards.

Nine awards for Catalyst

Catalyst won nine separate and distinct Fall 2022 G2 Awards including the Customer Success Leader Award, Enterprise High Performer Award, and Momentum Leader Award in Customer Success. In particular, I’m excited to highlight that we’ve won both the Leader Award and the Momentum Leader Award for five quarters in a row!

We also received awards across other categories: 

  • Best Relationship - Customer Revenue Optimization
  • High Performer Award in Small Business
  • High Performer Award in Small Business (Canadian market)
  • Leader in the Mid-Market Segment
  • User Satisfaction Award
  • High Performer - Customer Data Platform

All of these awards are the result of hard work by the entire Catalyst team and I am so grateful to them.

On top of our awards, Catalyst was also selected number one for ease of use, ease of setup, reporting & dashboards, customer profiles, and customization, leading to an industry-leading payback period of seven months (the enterprise incumbent is more than double that at 18 months). We’ve also moved up four ranks in the Enterprise Customer Success Category. 

This is enormous for us because it means we can provide value to our customers more quickly—and more easily—than other platforms. 

Recent five-star G2 reviews for Catalyst

"Catalyst is THE Best Post- Sales Option."

What do you like best about Catalyst?

I like Catalyst because it serves as a single source of truth for all of my accounts.

I can see their contract value (ARR) amount, their spend on platform, their spend trend, the number of registered users vs. licenses, all of their open Support tickets, and many other relevant data points that I need in my day- to- day.

Catalyst is ALWAYS open on at least one tab because I use it that often.

"Catalyst keeps me on top of my accounts and organized"

What do you like best about Catalyst?

The dashboards have all of the information I need in my book of business. I love that it is the single source of truth that will link me out to my clients UI, Salesforce and client website. Catalyst is where I start my day and understand what clients need my attention and ensure that I don't miss anything urgent.

"Catalyst is the best Customer Success Relationship Management tool I have used!"

What do you like best about Catalyst?

Catalyst is extremely intuitive and easy to use. If you need a specific report, you can create it in a matter of minutes. If you need to pull in new data sets from Salesforce, all you have to do is configure the object in Catalyst and turn it on. This is much easier to use than some of their competitor's solutions that require customer work just to integrate new Salesforce fields with their CRM. This tool puts the power in the users' hands

"A must have for any CS team!"

What do you like best about Catalyst?

The overall UI is very visually appealing, which makes members of the CS team more likely to adopt it.

The Salesforce connection is strong and accurate, which allows us to work within this tool without needing technical resources to support us.

The flexibility in design offers the ability for us to customize the views for different branches of the CS org, including onboarding, services, and CS.

The support from the Catalyst team is amazing!

What’s next for Catalyst

As a founder, you never quite know if you’re doing a decent job. Even when customers give good feedback, you always feel there’s more to do. That’s why receiving these awards means so much to me—it’s not just a few folks who reach out to us personally but also the many customers and champions who talk about us publicly on platforms like G2. 

At the same time, I’m not resting on any laurels. I’m incredibly proud Catalyst received both the Customer Success Leader and Momentum Leader awards five quarters in a row—and that only motivates me to make it six, seven, eight, and nine quarters in a row. And I certainly don’t claim I can do this alone. The amazing Catalyst team is what made these awards possible. I’m in their debt and will focus all my efforts on building the future they—and our customers—deserve.

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