Derisk the #1 Churn Reason With Timely Champion Outreach

Steven Farina
Manager, Customer Success at Usergems
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What you’ll learn:

  • The impact of timely outreach when champion turnover occurs
  • How to set yourself up with the right tooling to ensure your team is always informed

This playbook is right for you if:

  • You are feeling the pain of champion turnover in this uncertain economic environment
  • You are looking for recommendations on how to derisk turnover in your customers

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Looking for effective emails to build new or transition champions? Download our free templates to ensure transitions aren’t a flop for your team!

The Problem

When a key stakeholder leaves - two things can happen:

  1. The system can collapse on itself and your software gets deprioritized
  2. The replacement is given zero context and needs to be resold on the product, requiring CSMs to act as an AE selling new business

Play Intro

The Results:



Ran the Play

Step 1: Promote a culture of data cleanliness

Steven is emphatic that maintaining comprehensive data, especially around champion tracking, is key to deploying ongoing strategies that can help both prevent and mitigate risk based on stakeholder movements. UserGems chose Catalyst as their solution to easily maintain this information and be the central location for that knowledge transfer across teams.

Screenshot of a slide that has definitions of UserGems’ role definitions

Step 2: Instrument technology to action at the right time

Combining the power of automation from both UserGems and Catalyst, Steven launched a closed loop process where UserGems acts as the timely trigger and Catalyst launches the prescriptive action sequence. By aligning the engagement with key movements on the customer team, UserGem knew they would be delivering the right information at the right time.

Step 3: Tailor the approach based on stakeholder

The impact of stakeholder changes largely depended on the customer role they held, as documented in step 1. Thus, Steven and the UserGems team tailored the timing of outreach, level of detail provided, and recommended next steps based on the customer role.

  • Tip: Build a system for feedback from your team as these prescriptions go live. Steven sends a weekly round-up to his team that highlights improvements made across all programs.

Step 4: Partner with sales for future revenue possibilities

And as a revenue leader that practices Customer Led Growth, Steven also ensures that champion data is passed back to the new business sales team, allowing them to proactively follow champions to other prospective customers. Catalyst drives data tracking, and UserGems delivers that notification when they join a prospect.

  • Tip: Maintaining a contact level field that highlights known information about your key stakeholders can help ensure all teams can create strong relationships with these champions right off the bat

Impact of the Play

  • Reduce time spent by your CSMs chasing champion changes by over 80%
  • Drive 100% visibility of champion turnover as they happen
  • Multi-thread 100% of key roles across your customers

Run The Play Yourself

  • Train your team on your customer personas and ensure you’re tailoring all communications appropriately. 
  • Revisit your outreach language at least once a quarter to ensure you’re adapting to both micro and macroeconomic factors

How Catalyst Can Help

Catalyst offers features and functionality to derisk champion turnover, just like UserGems did with timely role-based outreach. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can leverage the joint UserGems/Catalyst offering to track your champions, automated playbooks that launch standardized email templates, and a bi-directional Salesforce integration in the most effective way, book a demo with us!

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