Fewer clicks and simplified data entry

Catalyst makes it easy for you to update anything in Salesforce directly from our app. Change Opportunity stages and next steps without having to log into SFDC.

Visibility into your accounts

Tired of wondering how your trial accounts and POCs are doing after a hand-off? Use Catalyst to see Customer Success notes and the initial 30-day onboarding metrics for your deals to ensure they convert successfully.

Get work done, faster

Catalyst integrates with all of your existing tools in minutes, giving you a single-pane-of-glass view and allowing you to build real-time health profiles. Leverage playbooks to receive alerts when accounts become unhealthy and take action proactively.

Spend less time updating Salesforce

Work smarter, not harder and manage your entire day-to-day in Catalyst. Write beautiful notes and watch them update in Salesforce automatically.

Experience the most intuitive, enjoyable way to manage your customers

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