Real-time customer health reports

Catalyst is designed for Customer Success Managers with the core belief that if they aren’t happily adopting the platform they are using then health scores and reporting for executives would be incomplete.

Easy and lightning fast search

Curious about what’s the latest with a customer? Use our search function to find any customer, see their health score, note conversations logged from a Customer Success Manager, and a timeline of activities.

Easy-to-understand health profiles

C-Suite executives and VPs of customer success no longer need multiple meetings with CSMs to understand what is going on with a customer. Health profiles clearly indicate why a customer is unhealthy and provide next steps on how to bring them back to healthy.

Your 360° view for all things customer related

Stop searching for customer data in Salesforce, having meetings with CSMs to get an in-person update, and wondering what happened during the last customer meeting. Catalyst is your one-stop-shop for customer data.

Experience the most intuitive, enjoyable way to manage your customers

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