One-click Salesforce Integration

With real-time bi-directional sync replicate your Salesforce instance in Catalyst within minutes to provide customer success teams access to customer data. Customer success teams will ensure your CRM is up-to-date with the most accurate information.

Roles and permissions

Create admin, regular, and read-only roles to ensure you have complete control of your Catalyst instance. We’ll also recognize your permissions in Salesforce to ensure important fields such as "Contract Value" that may be locked in Salesforce cannot be accidentally edited.

Reduce admin requests

Catalyst knows sales and success operation teams are constantly bogged down by an overwhelming amount of requests from go-to-market teams. In Catalyst, users can create local data fields and at a later time sync it back to Salesforce.

Reduce CRM maintenance, increase data quality

Catalyst was designed specifically for sales and Customer Success Managers to prevent bad data in CRMs.

Experience the most intuitive, enjoyable way to manage your customers

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