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You've Been Matched With Catalyst Software! (April Fools' 😜)

Catalyst is the complete package. It’s the kind of platform you’d want to show your parents:

  • Good-looking & intelligent
  • Understands relationships
  • Helps you every day
  • Never complains
  • Supports your career
  • In it for the long haul

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Show me Catalyst!

Why Catalyst

Customer Success, a company wide mission

Customer lifecycle monitoring

Track the customer journey and build customizable tasks per stage that match different segments.

Productivity tools for CSMs

All of our workflow features strip out the tedious aspects of day-to-day customer management.

Risk & upsell opportunity tracking

Build health profiles that align to the customer journey from onboarding to nurture and renewal.

Intuitive, cross-platform reporting

Build reports quickly across different data sets such as upcoming renewals in Salesforce.

All your customer data and tools in one place

Equip your team with the best customer success platform on the market.

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What others are saying

Prior to catalyst, reporting across our account base to drive decision-making was cumbersome and took a considerable amount of time to maintain. With Catalyst’s initiative UI and flexible reporting capabilities, anyone within our organization is now able to segment our customers based on any criteria they desire and can be updated on the fly. When discussing at-risk accounts and upsell opportunities in a meeting — a segment on Catalyst is being referenced.

Tyler Bubin
Customer Success @ Domino

Easy to set up and simple to maintain

Catalyst syncs with your existing technology in real-time. We'll get you set up in a day, not months.

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