Product Usage

Intuitive usage analytics for non-technical users

Catalyst enables Customer Success teams to set up product usage metrics with minimal assistance from other orgs.

One-click integrations

Within minutes after integrating Segment or Mixpanel, you’ll have historical usage data for all of your customers.

Turn Salesforce data into graphs

Pull in Salesforce field data such as MRR, billing data, active users, seats sold, seats used, and turn them into beautiful graphs.

Customizable Success Metrics

Build different Success Metrics that align with your customer’s desired business outcomes and key performance indicators. Choose from Total # of Events, Percentage of Users Performing Events, and more.

Prior to Catalyst, reporting across our account base to drive decision-making was cumbersome and took a considerable amount of time to maintain. With Catalyst’s intuitive UI and flexible reporting capabilities, anyone within our organization is now able to segment our customers based on any criteria they desire and can be updated on the fly. When discussing at-risk accounts and upsell opportunities in a meeting -- a segment on Catalyst is being referenced.

Tyler Bubin
Customer Success @ Domino Data Lab

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