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This weekly podcast shines a light on the human side of the tech industry, with an emphasis on mental health, perseverance, creativity, successes, and failures. It goes beyond the flashy funding and acquisition announcements, and explores the entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders behind the scenes who make it all happen—what they’ve experienced, what they’ve overcome, and most importantly, what they’ve learned.

Humans of SaaS in its first season was called NPS I Love You, which quickly became the largest and highest-rated Customer Success podcast in the industry.

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Losing $14 Million In One Day

Rand Fishkin is the CEO and co-founder of SparkToro, a software company that provides high-quality market research and audience intelligence. In this episode, Rand and Ben discuss the art of writing emails, Rand’s experiences in the startup world, how to make sure you’re being fairly compensated, and much more.

About the Host
Ben Winn

Ben leads Community & Events at Catalyst Software. He is a former CSM, former CS Consultant, and the Founder of CS in Focus, an international Customer Success community. Ben is passionate about 3 things: people, business, and Simpson's trivia. More than that, he's a relentless extrovert, so he's thrilled to be living his dream of getting paid to talk to people on this podcast.

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Recent Episodes

Season 2: Humans of SaaS

E2: Making the Invisible Visible

Arjun Devgan is the VP and global head of customer success at Amplitude, an innovative company that’s helping businesses manage and optimize innovation efforts with its digital optimization system. In this episode, Arjun and Ben discuss Arjun’s efforts to raise awareness about invisible disabilities, and how we can all empower one another to speak up about our vulnerabilities.

September 28, 2021 | E2
E1: Losing $14 Million In One Day

Rand Fishkin is the CEO and co-founder of SparkToro, a software company that provides high-quality market research and audience intelligence. In this episode, Rand and Ben discuss the art of writing emails, Rand’s experiences in the startup world, how to make sure you’re being fairly compensated, and much more.

September 21, 2021 | E1

Season 1: NPS I love you

E46: NPS I Loved You

The last episode of season one is a solocast with the host of NPS I Love You and the manager of community and events at Catalyst Software, Ben Winn. In the episode, Ben reflects on the process of launching the podcast, what worked well and what could use some improvement for the next season. He also shares why they decided to launch the podcast in the first place, and why he’s looking forward to season two.

August 23, 2021 | E46
E45: To MBA Or Not To MBA

Veronica Dasovich is the Senior Director of Customer Success at Heap, a digital insights platform helping companies build digital experiences. In this episode, Veronica and Ben discuss the pros and cons of pursuing an MBA in the tech space, developing critical thinking skills and levelling up your career by taking initiative and leading with compassion.

August 17, 2021 | E45
E44: Doing More With Less

Kate Walsh is the VP of Customer Success and Support at Klaviyo, a Boston-based company that helps companies turn their ecommerce data into revenue with personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns. In this episode, Kate and Ben discuss how and when companies should begin developing partner programs, some of the valuable lessons Kate learned during her 11-year stint at HubSpot, and how Klaviyo will continue scaling up as the company grows.

August 10, 2021 | E44
E43: Documenting Customer Experience

Nate Gilmore is the Chief Revenue Officer at PandaDoc, a document automation software that streamlines the process of creating, assigning and reviewing proposals, quotes and contracts. In this episode, Nate and Ben discuss striking a balance between driving sales and strengthening customer relationships, motivating and incentivizing teams, and PandaDoc’s approach to customer experience design.

August 3, 2021 | E43
E42: Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!

Roberto Ortiz is the Co-Founder and CEO of Welcome, an award-winning virtual event platform. In this episode, Roberto and Ben discuss how the pandemic influenced the founding of Welcome, how to provide white glove customer service, and leveling up from a technology, design and performance perspective.

July 27, 2021 | E42
E41: The Yellow Brick Roadmap

Emily Garza is the AVP of Customer Success at Fastly. In this episode, Emily and Ben discuss why happiness shouldn’t be used as a customer success metric, the importance of consistent storytelling, and the value of clear communication and curiosity in business.

July 20, 2021 | E41
E40: Focus On Customers Not Competitors

Kyle Clark is an Implementation Manager at Catalyst Software, and in this episode, Kyle and Ben discuss the one big question you need to ask before onboarding new customers, why you should ignore what your competitors are doing and how to launch new customers in a “healthy way."

July 13, 2021 | E40
E39: Out Of The Whirlwind

Codi Gill is the Vice President Client Success at TouchCare, and in this episode, Codi and Ben discuss how she has six kids whilst running a CS department, the importance of “taking yourself out of the whirlwind” and how Codi proactively ensures her team takes sufficient time off.

June 29, 2021 | E39
E38: One Size Does Not Fit All

Sultan Saidov is the Co-Founder and President at Beamery, and in this episode, Sultan and Ben talk about Beamery’s proactive, people-centric approach to recruitment, how to keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring funnel and how to evaluate the potential of prospective recruits.

June 22, 2021 | E38
E37: The Rise of Community Building

Remco de Vries is the VP of Marketing at inSided, and in this episode, Remco and Ben talk about everything you need to know to get started with community building—from getting buy-in, to selecting your tech stack, to more advanced community strategies that will directly lead to revenue growth.

June 15, 2021 | E37
E36: The Role Of Role-playing

Porter Williams is the Director of Customer Success at BetterUp, and in this episode, Porter and Ben discuss how to make your QBRs better than every other vendor, what Porter learned in his previous life as a performer that helps him in the tech world, and why role-playing might just be the one skill missing from your CS arsenal.

June 8, 2021 | E36
E35: Are You Content With Your Content?

Mark Kilens is the VP of Content & Community at Drift, and in this episode, Mark and Ben discuss the content and community equation, why he hires for character and trains for skill, and his personal operating system.

June 1, 2021 | E35
E34: Being Asked to Dance

Sunil Joseph is the Vice President of Customer Success at Stack Overflow, and in this episode, Sunil and Ben discuss the impact of hiring a diverse team, why Stack Overflow holds ROI workshops with every customer, and what it really means to be product-led.

May 25, 2021 | E34
E33: People Don’t Need Features; They Need Outcomes

Shai Ritblatt is Head of Partner & Customer Success at Sisense, and in this episode, Shai and Ben discuss Sisense's partner success program, building versus buying, how they prioritize feature requests and why Shai believes CS just stands for common sense.

May 18, 2021 | E33
E32: A Tiger In The Bushes

Eric & Eli are the brilliant founders behind Speaker Labs, a leading public speaking coaching program. In this episode, Eric, Eli, and Ben discuss the science of talk, the power of storytelling, the biggest barriers people face when public speaking, and some ways you can think about improving your next presentation today.

May 11, 2021 | E32
E31: A Bath Time Epiphany

Jaimie Buss is Sr. VP of Sales at Zendesk. In this episode, Jaimie and Ben discuss sales & CS collaboration, leadership, battling stigma, and an epiphany Jaimie had that profoundly affected her life.

May 4, 2021 | E31
E30: The Worst Interview Question Of All Time

Debra Squyres is an expert in all things HR and Customer Success, and she is about to join HackerRank as CCO, supporting over 2,000 customers and 11 million developers. In this episode, Debra shares the worst question she was ever asked in an interview, what it means to be data-driven in HR, and her thoughts on the future of work.

April 27, 2021 | E30
E29: It's Harder To Be You Than You Might Think

Diana De Jesus is one of the top 100 CS strategists, co-creator of the Open Book of Customer Success, and a CSM at Catalyst Software. In this episode, Diana talks about tips, tricks, mistakes, and learnings around Customer Success, parenting, personal branding, and vulnerability.

April 20, 2021 | E29
E28: What Do Mark Twain & Elon Musk Have In Common?

Jeff Breunsbach & Jay Nathan are Director of CX and CCO, respectively, at Higher Logic. They are also the founders of Gain Grow Retain, one of the world’s largest CS communities that exploded in 2020. In this episode, Jeff & Jay talk leadership, customer experience, community building, and Jay’s dream of being in a Jimmy Buffet cover band.

April 13, 2021 | E28
E27: Our Brains Are Piles of Mush With Electricity

Jon Johnson is a professional musician turned Senior Customer Success Manager at Splash. He also led customer success at Zinier and is a founding member of the BreakoutCS community. In this episode, Jon talks about his experience as a musician and the lessons it taught him that have allowed him to excel in Customer Success.

April 6, 2021 | E27
E26: Alexa-Controlled Oil Diffuser

Matt Myszkowski is Vice President of Customer Experience at Cision, and led Customer Success at other organizations like SAP, Rant & Rave, and Autodesk. On this episode, Matt talks about change management, being opinionated, photography, and his favorite podcasts.

March 30, 2021 | E26
E25: The Mental Health Unicorn

Lorna Henri is VP Customer Success at Modern Health, which has recently surpassed the $1 Billion valuation mark, officially making them a unicorn. In this episode, Lorna talks parenting, career paths, mental health, and the challenges of scaling quickly.

March 23, 2021 | E25
E24: LinkedIn To Mental Health

Daniel Hayward is Head of Customer Success for the Americas at LinkedIn. In this episode, he shares his thoughts on how leaders can support the mental health and wellness of their team members, how they can fight stigma with vulnerability, and how he personally is taking care of his mental health during the pandemic.

March 16, 2021 | E24
E23: What CS & Sales Can Learn From the FBI

Jack Schafer, Ph.D., is a psychologist, professor, author, intelligence consultant, and former FBI Special Agent. He's worked as a behavioral analyst and has trained agents in the art of interrogation and persuasion. He’s also written some fantastic books, including The Like Switch and The Truth Detector. In this special episode, Catalyst CEO Edward Chiu speaks with Jack about how CS & Sales can uncover truth quickly, build relationships fast, and achieve desired outcomes.

March 9, 2021 | E23
E22: Is It Pronounced Data or Data?

Brian LaFaille is the Global Head, Customer Success Strategic Programs at Looker, a BI platform that was bought by Google in 2020 for $2.6 Billion. In this episode, we explore unique ideas that blend human touch with powerful data to drive customer happiness, like behavior mapping, predictive analytics for Customer Success, and how the 5 love languages can apply to CS.

March 2, 2021 | E22
E21: Who Should Own Renewals, Sales Or CS?

This episode features a friendly debate between two experienced CS leaders; Scott Dzialo, Director of Customer Success, Enterprise & Strategic Accounts at Braze and Sabina Pons, Vice President of Client Success, Support & Community at Mavenlink‪. During this episode, these CS masters found themselves on opposing sides of the issue: Who should own renewals, Sales or CS?

February 23, 2021 | E21
E20: Prioritize Ruthlessly

Bonnie Chatterjee is the Head of Customer Experience at GitHub, and is focused on building GitHub’s CX function and instilling customer obsessed thinking, measurements and actions into every decision. In this episode, Bonnie discusses prioritization, building positive habits, and how customer experience and customer success can collaborate.

February 16, 2021 | E20
E19: The Mary Poppins of Startups

Cairo Amani is the founder of ThriveNetwork, a community for women in CS, and she currently heads up CX at Cutback Coach, a tool to help people proactively build positive habits around alcohol consumption. In this episode, Cairo discusses alcohol consumption during the pandemic, the biggest challenges she sees as a career coach, and the advantages of working at early stage startups.

February 9, 2021 | E19
E18: Real Housewives of Customer Success

Kristi Faltorusso is VP Customer Success at Intellishift and one of the most prolific Customer Success leaders in the industry. On this episode, Kristi talks about finding success through helping others, how to think about your next promotion, her inspirations, and the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

February 2, 2021 | E18
E17: Going Bananas

Maranda Dziekonski is VP Customer Success & Operations at Switfly, and is on the governing council of the Customer Success Leadership Network. In this episode, Maranda and Ben discuss CS in the boardroom, building your personal brand, using Slack to manage customers, and some of the biggest mistakes they’ve both made at work.

January 26, 2021 | E17
E16: Bytes Scale and Atoms Don’t

Anthony Coppedge is leading Agile Transformation for Digital Sales at IBM. On this episode, Anthony shares his insights into change management at scale, the value of BEING agile rather than DOING agile, and how teams can leverage agile thinking to become faster, more profitable, and more customer-centric.

January 19, 2021 | E16
E15: Engineering Your Career

Sha Ma is the Vice President of Engineering at Catalyst and the former VP of Engineering at Github and SendGrid, where she was part of the leadership team that took them through IPO in 2017. In this episode, Sha discusses misconceptions about engineers, the key to her career success, and advice for those early on in their careers today.

January 12, 2021 | E15
E14: Hopin to Hard Problems

Rosie Roca is the Chief Customer Officer at Hopin, one of the world’s leading virtual events platforms which was recently valued at over $2 Billion. In this episode, Rosie discusses pivotal moments in her career, virtual events, and the challenges facing rapidly-scaling teams.

January 5, 2021 | E14
E13: Progress Not Perfection

Kalina Bryant is an incredibly accomplished customer advocacy executive, podcaster, writer, and speaker in Silicon Valley, where she is now leading the customer advocacy function at Asana. In this episode, Kalina discusses customer advocacy, challenges getting executive buy-in, and the lessons and philosophies that have brought her success.

December 15, 2020 | E13
E12: Subject Matter Expertise vs. Core CS Skills

Catalyst recently released The Great CS Debate which had CS leaders vote on the top 10 most controversial topics in Customer Success. This episode features a friendly debate between two experienced CS leaders who found themselves on opposing sides of the issue: What is more important, core CS skills or subject matter expertise?

December 7, 2020 | E12
E11: Every Day Is a Reset

Lindsey Eatough is the Associate Director of Enterprise Transformation at Mural, a digital workspace for virtual collaboration, currently undergoing a period of hyper-growth. In this episode, Lindsey discusses how to build positive habits, challenges she’s been facing with her transition into a manager role, and how she is supporting her team’s mental health.

December 1, 2020 | E11
E10: Dawn of a New (HR) Era

Dawn Sharifan is the VP People Operations at Slack. She has over 15 years of experience in both public and private organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. In this episode, Dawn shares the details on Slack’s culture and some of their most impactful initiatives, the future of work, and the biggest challenges facing HR teams right now.

November 24, 2020 | E10
E9: The Product-Led Organization

Todd Olson is co-founder and CEO of Pendo. He also recently released his brand new book The Product-Led Organization. In this episode, Todd explores the tension between Customer Success & Product, why being product-led benefits CSMs, and how his biggest mistake as an entrepreneur helped to make Pendo a success.

November 17, 2020 | E9
E8: More Than He Could Chiu

Catalyst COO, Kevin Chiu, discusses his near-death experience with COVID-19, his difficult road to recovery, insecurity around returning to work, and how the lessons he’s learned have changed how he lives his life today.

November 10, 2020 | E8
E7: Unlocking Human Potential

Daniel Chait is CEO and co-founder of Greenhouse, a leading Talent Acquisition software company that provides the technology, resources and expertise to make every company great at hiring. In this episode, Daniel speaks about diversity & bias in hiring, untapped human potential, and the top hiring challenges companies face today.

November 3, 2020 | E7
E6: Nir, Far, Wherever You Are

Nir Fogel, Customer Success Group Manager at, discusses strategies for giving and receiving feedback, the importance of diversity on Customer Success teams, and how to effectively scale while maintaining a team culture that people love.

October 27, 2020 | E6
E5: The Feelings Flywheel

Sydney Strader, Head of Customer Success at Catalyst, discusses the power of vulnerability and authenticity at work, how she went from major success to rock bottom and back up again, and how her experiences have shaped the person she is today.

October 20, 2020 | E5
E4: I Knew We’d Record This

Steffi Kay is a renowned mentalist who has competed on America’s Got Talent, and successfully fooled Penn & Teller on Penn & Teller: Fool Us. On this episode, Ben and Steffi discuss mindreading, performing, and how it all relates back to Customer Success.

October 13, 2020 | E4
E3: Remotely Human

Trello & Stack Overflow Cofounder Michael Pryor discusses important skills, tools, and practices for collaborating, communicating, and supporting your team in a remote environment.

October 6, 2020 | E3
E2: CS From The Investor Perspective

Work-bench Co-founder Jessica Lin discusses how Venture Capitalists think about Customer Success, how CS leaders can stand out during board meetings, and her love for Conan O’Brien.

September 29, 2020 | E2
E1: Happy Birthday Kevin

On his brother Kevin’s birthday, Catalyst CEO Edward Chiu opens up about parenting, mental health, and Kevin’s near-death experience with COVID-19, which occurred in the midst of raising Catalyst’s Series B funding, and with a 4-month-old baby at home.

September 22, 2020 | E1

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